Doyle raps oil industry over latest gas price spikes

The oil industry today pointed to the growing demand for renewable fuels in America as the cause for higher gas prices – as high as $4.00 per gallon in some parts of the country – at the start of the busiest driving weekend of the year across the country.

Governor Doyle made the following statement demanding an explanation from big oil companies, and calling for relief at the pump for middle class families:

“Using any excuse necessary, big oil companies continue to drive up gas prices.  In Wisconsin, we are committed to investing in new renewable fuels so we can depend more on the Midwest and less on the Mideast for our energy needs.

“Big oil companies have been reaping huge profits on the backs of middle class families for years – reaching record profits while families across the country struggle to afford to fill up their gas tanks.

“It’s time for big oil companies to stop driving up gas prices.  With no major geo-political events, no weather-related events, and no real market problems, there is absolutely no reason for these kinds of spikes in gas prices.  Our families, our state, and national economy cannot afford this market manipulation.”

Yesterday, Governor Doyle joined 16 other governors, and asked the President to side with American families, pressure big oil to lower gas prices, and provide relief at the pump.

The governors also called on Congress to initiate a thorough investigation of big oil companies driving up gas prices, and urge big oil companies to reinvest their enormous profits to solve refinery reliability issues, and lower the price of gas.

Governor Doyle believes Wisconsin consumers deserve a refund for what they’ve over paid to big oil companies.  In his budget, Governor Doyle proposed to capture some of big oil’s profits, and give relief to middle class families in Wisconsin by helping taxpayers fund roads and infrastructure. 

Read Governor Doyle’s call to action for President Bush and Congress: