Doyle Announces Funding for Juneau County Projet to Aid Disabled Workers

Governor Jim Doyle today announced that Juneau County will receive a $27,500 grant to help plan and implement the Entrepreneurial Business Plan for Sheltered Work Centers developed under a previous CDBG- Planning grant to Monroe County.


Wisconsin’s economy relies not just on the hard work of some people, but all people in this state,” Governor Doyle said.  “We need to make sure that everyone has the opportunities to roll up their sleeves and get to work, to keep Wisconsin growing.”


The project will focus on the development and production of products developed in the growing number of Inventors and Entrepreneurs Clubs around Wisconsin. The plan showed significant potential to increase the revenue of Sheltered Work Centers leading to a reduction in state support and greater incomes for disabled workers.


The CDBG-ED program awards grants to businesses that seek to expand or relocate to Wisconsin. Businesses interested in the CDBG-ED program should contact their Commerce Area Development Manager. Contact information can be found at: