Computerworld Readers Rate Verizon FiOS Internet Service ‘Head and Shoulders Above the Rest’


Bobbi Henson

NEW YORK – Verizon FiOS Internet — delivered over the nation’s most advanced, all-digital fiber-optic network straight to customers’ doors – has been rated No. 1 in a national ISP survey. Computerworld magazine reports that the results of its recent survey of more than 1,100 broadband users of the nation’s top six broadband services show that Verizon FiOS Internet stands “head and shoulders above the rest.”

“There’s little doubt as to the best U.S. broadband ISP, according to our readers – Verizon FiOS wins by a wide margin,” the magazine reports.

Verizon FiOS was the only broadband service that scored first in all eight of the survey’s categories: overall satisfaction, connection reliability, download speed, upload speed, customer service, technical support, value and e-mail service. FiOS Internet service is now enjoyed by more than 1 million customers nationwide and is growing every day.

“The comments from this survey strongly speak for themselves,” said John Wimsatt, senior vice president for Verizon Telecom marketing. “Computerworld readers know technology, and we’re honored by their overwhelmingly positive assessment of FiOS Internet service. The results of this survey validate what we’ve known all along: Verizon customers appreciate the difference our all-fiber network brings by delivering faster speed, better reliability, more advanced services, and superior entertainment and online experiences.”

In reporting the survey results, Computerworld noted that Verizon FiOS “really stood out” in connection reliability and speed, with readers rating it 4.8 (on a 5.0 point scale). “If there’s any doubt that the future of broadband is fiber optics, just take a look at the favorability ratings for connection speeds and reliability of Verizon FiOS,” the publication reported. “Connection reliability was rated excellent by a mind-boggling 86% of those who responded.”

Computerworld added that, “FiOS users practically crowed about their download speeds, with 92% rating them excellent or good.

“So it’s clearly the reliability and speed of the FiOS connections that made Verizon FiOS customers give it top ratings for overall satisfaction (84% excellent and good combined) and value (78% excellent and good combined),” the magazine said.

The publication also noted that “Verizon FiOS customers are exceedingly happy with the value they get,” and that when it came to satisfaction with value “no one else came close” to Verizon’s FiOS ratings.

Verizon is the only major U.S. telecom company building an advanced, all-digital fiber-optic network, on a mass scale, all the way to customers’ homes. Only Verizon’s fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network has earned the certification of the independent Fiber to the Home Council.

Verizon offers FiOS Internet service in more than 1,700 communities in 16 states, offering downstream connection speeds ranging from up to 5 Mbps (megabits per second) to up to 50 Mbps and upstream connection speeds ranging from up to 2 Mbps to up to 10 Mbps. For more information about Verizon FiOS Internet, visit

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