China strategist joins UW-Madison prof and negotiation consultant for executive seminar on China business

Business school’s executive education seminar focuses on strategies for “Expanding Your Global Business into Greater China”


CHICAGO – May 30, 2007 – The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Business executive education program will continue is China business strategy seminar series in early June. Professor Will Murphy, Ph.D., will be joined by Steven Ganster, managing director of China strategy consultancy Technomic Asia, and Richard Gesteland, an international negotiation consultant. The seminar, entitled “Expanding Your Global Business into Greater China,” runs June 4-6.


The course offers insights for executives and managers who are interested in evaluating, developing and growing opportunities in mainland China. Targeted toward executives involved in business development, marketing and sales, purchasing, and global operations, the course will cover in depth many of the most pressing topics facing businesses in China today.


“There’s no hiding from it: Virtually every company needs a China strategy,” said Ganster, author of “The China Ready Company,” a book about determining a company’s “China readiness.” “For some businesses, that strategy might be to wait or to monitor the market, and for others it might be to go full-bore. Management needs a process and some tools to help them diagnose their own situation and response.”


In addition to strategic issues relating to market entry or expansion, many other topics will be covered. Participants will learn to more effectively negotiate with Chinese business partners; reduce governmental, cultural and financial risks; and improve their operations through appropriate hiring and management practices.


“The overall goal of the seminar is to better equip management to deal with the complexities and challenges of the China market,” Ganster added.


For more information about the three-day seminar, visit This seminar series is scheduled for future dates, as well, in October 2007, May 2008 and December 2008.


About Technomic Asia

Technomic Asia is a strategic consultancy with more than 25 years of experience helping clients plan and execute Asian growth strategies. Technomic Asia assists companies in entering the Asian market or in expanding their business by providing critical market insight, an understanding of business potential and assistance in designing the optimum strategy for success. Technomic Asia’s Steven Ganster and Kent Kedl are co-authors of “The China Ready Company,” a book that details the formation of a successful China strategy. ( (