Bush calls for increased production of biofuels


MILWAUKEE – Earlier tonight, President Bush called for what will amount to

more than a five-fold increase in the production of American renewable fuels

such as ethanol.

“The use of renewable fuels like ethanol and bio diesel will help reduce our

dependency on foreign oil and position Wisconsin as a leader nationally when it

comes to production,” said Joshua Morby, Executive Director of the Wisconsin

Bio Industry Alliance.

“We are encouraged that President Bush chose to highlight how important bio

based fuels are to our country,” Morby said. “We’re also encouraged by the

leadership Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has shown, and the commitment he

has made to make Wisconsin a leader in not only the production of bio fuels, bio

power, and bio products, but also the use and education of these products.”

“It’s important for people to remember that the bulk of Wisconsin’s ethanol

production didn’t come on line until 2002,” Morby said. “As the production of bio

based renewable fuels such as ethanol and bio diesel increases, it’s important to

educate consumers, lawmakers, and opinion leaders about the impact this has

on the Wisconsin economy.”

The Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance is Wisconsin’s first-ever alliance of top

leaders in the Bio Industry focused on the development of bio based renewable

energy, power, and products in Wisconsin. A top priority of the Alliance remains

education and market development for Wisconsin’s bio fuels.

For more information about the Alliance, or to find out how to join, please visit our

website at www.wisconsinbioindustry.com.