BioFuel Expert and Ethanol ‘God-Father’ David Blume to Speak at Renewable Energy Conferences

Blume Scheduled to Appear on Thom Hartmann’s Air America Radio Program, at Portland State University, on Santa Cruz Community TV EcoReview, at the Milwaukee Retzer Nature Center, the University of Illinois, Chicago and at the Green Careers Conference at UC Berkeley

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ — The International Institute for Sustainable Agriculture announced today that its founder and current Executive Director, David Blume has been asked to appear on radio, TV and as a lead speaker for a number of renewable energy symposiums in the coming two months. Blume is globally acknowledged as the “god-father” of ethanol and is a leading advocate and expert on renewable solutions to the global need for inexpensive, non-polluting, and sustainable energy and food sources.

Blume’s coming talks provide unrivaled insight into the practicality of transforming US energy production and use to a totally sustainable model. Blume presents myth-busting facts, scientific data, and proven methodologies that give audiences a revolutionary first-person look at truly sustainable solutions to global warming, green house gas emissions, food resource issues as well as provide them with a road-map to a new post-oil economy.

As part of his coming in-person appearances, Blume will be a featured guest on the Thom Hartmann Radio Program. Now in its fifth year of national syndication and heard globally on XM and Sirius satellite radio, Hartmann’s program is carried in 7 of the nation’s top 10 media markets and 14 of the top 25 markets. Hartmann is also a featured commentator in the new Leonardo DiCaprio environmental documentary The 11th Hour.

Hartmann calls Blume’s work “brilliant!” and his soon to be released book “Alcohol Can Be A Gas,” “a must read for every American.” Blume has spent years battling with big oil interests and has dedicated his life to providing a practical and truly renewable solution to the world’s quest for inexpensive, non-polluting and sustainable energy and food sources.

Larry Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of the American Corn Growers Association recently said, “I have personally worked in the renewable energy sector in one form or another for close to four decades and I recommend David Blume’s “Alcohol Can Be a Gas” as the most comprehensive and understandable book on renewable fuels I have ever read on the subject.”

Blume’s renewable energy talks address the current oligarchy misinformation campaign and misstated concepts including:

   Myth: Food vs. Fuel — Does ethanol demand compete with food production?

Fact: Only 5 % of all US farmland is used for growing corn and only 28%
of the crop’s starch is used for fuel production leaving all the
protein and fat as a higher quality animal feed than the original
corn. Ethanol demand required an additional 11.3 million acres of
corn this year to avoid affecting the food supply but farmers grew
14.6 million acres. Contrary to widely reported stories in the
press ethanol demand has had NO EFFECT on the price of corn or
availability for human or animal food. In fact there will be a
massive surplus of corn this year. Increased corn and food prices
are due to higher petroleum costs for transportation, fossil fuel
based fertilizer and processing energy.

Myth: Alcohol Can’t Run Our Cars — It would be too expensive to retool
all the cars on the road to run on an alcohol fuel mix

Fact: Any and all fuel injected cars (the predominant engine produced
since 1980)

Can run on a 50% blend of alcohol and gas with no modification (and
most newer cars will run on an 85-100% alcohol with inexpensive

Myth: It would be too expensive to ramp up industry to produce

Fact: The US has spent $500 billion on the Iraq war as of this year, 500
billion gallons per year is the total global fuel consumption, and
$500 billion would build a global, renewable, greenhouse effect
reversing, ethanol fuel industry that would replace all gasoline
and diesel fuel planet-wide permanently

Blume was recently a featured speaker at the Mid-West Renewable Energy Fair in Wisconsin, and SolFest in Hopland, CA. His coming appearances include a featured guest appearance on Thom Hartmann’s Air America Program in October, Santa Cruz Community TV’s EcoReview September 25, speaking at Portland State University October 6, at the Peak Oil sponsored forum in Salem, OR, October 7, at the Retzer Nature Center near Milwaukee, WI, on Oct. 20, at the University of Illinois Chicago campus on Oct. 27 and at the Green Careers Conference at U.C. Berkeley on Nov 17.

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