AVISTA Offers Expert Software Development for Government and Military Programs with Galaxie Management Partnership

AVISTA Services
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PLATTEVILLE, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AVISTA Incorporated®, a leader in critical systems software engineering services, has selected Galaxie Management, Inc., a leading defense marketing services company, as its authorized sales representative to the federal government and military services. AVISTA offers 20 years of experience in mission-critical software development, and the highest-quality software development and testing solutions, to government and military programs.

In response to increased demand by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) agencies for expertise in standards-driven software development and automated test equipment, AVISTA selected Galaxie to help expand relationships with armed forces leadership. Galaxie assists companies in the government marketplace by introducing new products, technologies and services to key decision makers and influencers, providing strategic business information, and improving client business practices to conform with DoD protocols.

“Government and military entities often need highly specialized experts to develop and test mission-critical systems that ensure the safe and smooth operations of our military platforms,” says Pete Hedley, president of Galaxie Management. “AVISTA has been working on programs for the government for the last twenty years, and it is the only company to offer such a large number of highly skilled U.S.-based engineers in critical areas such as DO-178B development and certification, communications and systems engineering.”

“For specialized embedded and certified software needs, we are uniquely positioned to support both export-controlled and offshore optional projects,” notes Tom Bragg, vice president of AVISTA Incorporated. “AVISTA has some of the longest-tenured employees in the industry. Government and military customers benefit from our broad retained knowledge gained over our 20 years in mission-critical software development, as well as from our expertise in the latest technologies and development tools. We’re pleased to work with Galaxie to provide the DoD with the very best services to support the mission.”