Blends Online Video, Downloadable Music, Singing Contest

Singer of video with most votes by Aug. 15, 2007 wins $10,000

MILWAUKEE, May 23 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate its launch, ALGEKA is seeking singer-songwriters to post original music videos for a two-month international competition with the winner taking home a $10,000 cash prize. ALGEKA is part singing competition, part online video site and home of the coolest emerging music videos in the world.

Starting June 1, will accept music video uploads from around the world for consideration in its online music video contest. All songs must be original, by an unsigned solo artist, and run no longer than five minutes.

On June 15, ALGEKA goes live. From then until August 15, users across the globe will cast their votes by buying DRM-free downloads of their favorite artists’ works: videos for $1.99 and MP3 audio for 99 cents. Thirty second previews are free.

  ALGEKA differs from other music video sites in several important ways:

— Singers Get Paid: ALGEKA supports emerging singers worldwide — those
whose videos are chosen for ALGEKA are paid 20 percent of the proceeds
from their downloads, even after the contest ends.
— You Create the Next Star: Each purchased music video download counts
as a vote: two for video and one for audio. The singer of the video
with the most votes by 11:59 p.m. GMT, August 15, 2007 wins a $10,000
cash prize. You decide who wins AND you get the hottest new music to
— Unsigned Singers Only: Only singers with original songs and who have
no record deal are eligible. ALGEKA finds the best, the ones you don’t
know about yet.
— Truly Great Music: All music video submissions are reviewed before
posting. Only the best make it to the site.

“No more wading through countless videos on other Web sites to find original music,” said ALGEKA founder Norm Yerke. “The beauty of ALGEKA is that new singers have a chance to be heard and rewarded for their efforts and fans can find the music easily.”

Instead of announcing results on television once a week, ALGEKA standings will be updated in ‘real time’ several times a day so fans can track the progress of their favorites.

“It’s also a contest, so fans get to create the next star,” Yerke continued. “We are confident ALGEKA will become the Web site for original music.”

The conclusion of the $10,000 contest isn’t the end of ALGEKA — it is just the beginning. In the future, popular singers on ALGEKA may have an opportunity to appear in live concert tours and on albums.


ALGEKA is the place online for discovering the hottest new music videos from around the world. Visit for more information and contest rules. You create the next music video star.