MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Addison-Clifton, LLC today announced it has executed a cooperation agreement with Beijing-based Hendersen Taihe Consulting as part of an effort to expand the compliance and supply-chain management services offered to clients who do business in China.  The agreement is effective February 1, 2007.    


                “In recent years, our clients have experienced a rapid increase in the level of interactions and transactions with business partners in China,” said Ulice Payne, Jr., president of Addison-Clifton, LLC.   “This agreement will allow us to provide enhanced trade compliance and supply-chain management services to help meet the demands of international business and the ever-changing compliance environment.  Hendersen Taihe is a solid company with a history of success in the international compliance industry, and we are pleased to be working together for the benefit of all of our clients.  We look forward to growing a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.” 


                The cooperation agreement will allow Addison-Clifton and Hendersen Taihe Consulting to provide their clients with a broader range of trade compliance and supply-chain management advice and guidance regarding Chinese customs developments, the strategic use of China’s free bond zones and changing requirements for importing products into China.  In addition, the two companies will research, develop and issue a special periodic report called the Sino-Trade Communique, which will detail new trade compliance and supply-chain management issues and regulations for their clients.       


                “Addison-Clifton is a highly regarded consulting firm, and we are pleased to be entering into this business relationship,” said Tian Shu, a partner with Hendersen Taihe Consulting.  “It is an exciting time in China and for our industry, and this agreement will help expand the level of service both companies can offer to clients, and allow us to continue working toward our goal of being one of the top international consulting firms.”


Hendersen Taihe Consulting specializes in customs and trade advisory services to U.S. Fortune 500 companies and China-based companies who conduct business overseas.  The company has nine partners, four managers, three senior consultants and 12 associates working out of offices in Beijing and Shanghai, China.  Additional information about Hendersen Taihe Consulting can be found at     


Addison-Clifton, LLC provides global trade compliance advisory services to help clients with international trade by reducing the cost of cross-border transactions and creating a competitive advantage in the international economic arena.  In 2005, Addison-Clifton received authorization from China to establish a permanent, registered office in that country.  In addition to Payne, Addison-Clifton’s staff includes nine other people.  Addison-Clifton, LLC has offices in Milwaukee; Chicago; and Shanghai, China.  Additional information about Addison-Clifton, LLC can be found at