Leinenkugel’s invites consumers to share signature mixes and brew their own adventure


CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (October 2007) – One of America’s oldest and most celebrated beverages is becoming part of the flavor fusion trend.  According to a survey from the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, based in Chippewa Falls, WI, nearly four in ten Americans, ages 21 and older, are customizing their brews to fit personal taste preferences.  In fact, beer fans are creating signature mixes by co-mingling flavorful, robust craft beers in a quest to discover their “perfect” mix.  


As the craft beer industry continues to enjoy double digit growth, 140-year-old brewer, Leinenkugel’s, has recognized beer “mixology” as a new part of the craft beer experience.  Leinenkugel’s has launched an interactive “What’s Your Mix?” program that invites fans and adventurers to create and register their signature Leinenkugel’s mixes.  What began as a fun way for Leinenkugel’s loyal following of nearly 200,000 Leinie Lodge members to enjoy their favorite brew and share their recipe ideas with the brewery, is now an official program available at leinie.com. 


While it’s no secret beer has blended well with fruit, liquor, juice, soda and even food over the years, mixing beer with beer is emerging as a new way to delight increasingly savvy palates.  “As people have become more adventurous with their daily choices, customizing everything from their candy to their coffee, the same habits are emerging in the beer category,” says Dick Leinenkugel, vice president, sales and marketing, of the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company.  “We’ve received hundreds of beer recipes over the years – beer margaritas, beer chili, and beer dessert.  ‘What’s Your Mix?’ at leinie.com offers fans the opportunity to create distinct flavor fusions.”


Leinenkugel’s “What’s Your Mix?”

October 2007

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Tapping endless mixing opportunities, consumers of legal drinking age are invited to leinie.com to create, share and register their signature mixes.  Mixes feature glass style, garnish, and unique names, and are posted daily and rated by the online Leinie community.  Mix favorites registered so far have included unique combinations with creative titles, such as the Red Nosed Brown Bear, Red Oktober and the Blue Bomb. 


 “An increasing list of food shows on television and more extensive restaurant menus are driving consumer interest in unique flavor combinations that suit personal taste preferences,” says World Mixology Titleholder and frequent Food Network guest, Tobin Ellis, BarMagic of Las Vegas.  “Brewers who offer complementary and flavorful portfolios, such at Leinenkugel’s, deliver ideal brews for developing adventurous drink mixing combinations.”


Leinenkugel’s offers a craft beer portfolio of 11 mix-friendly specialty brews, including flavorful fall favorite, Apple Spice.  An adventurous blend of fresh apple and a hint of cinnamon spice, Leinenkugel’s Apple Spice adds to the breadth of mixing opportunities and is currently available on shelves and on draft through December 31.


Leinenkugel’s year-round offerings include Original, Light, Honey Weiss, Berry Weiss, Leinie’s Red, Creamy Dark and Sunset Wheat.  In addition, Leinenkugel’s offers four limited-release beers including Big Butt Doppelbock, Oktoberfest, Apple Spice and summertime refresher Summer Shandy.  The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, brewing since 1867, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Miller Brewing Company.  For more information on the rich history of Leinenkugel’s, visit www.leinie.com or review the Leinie’s electronic press kit at www.leiniecraftbeer.com.