59 die in Wisconsin October vehicle crashes

A total of 59 people died in Wisconsin traffic crashes in October
Last month was the fourth safest month of October since World War II
In October, 59 people died in 51 Wisconsin traffic crashes, according to
preliminary statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. In
terms of traffic deaths, last month was the fourth safest month of October
since World War II. The lowest total occurred in 1997 with 53 traffic
fatalities. The deadliest month of October was in 1971 with 127 fatalities

The 59 deaths in October were eight fewer than in October 2006 when 67
people died in 60 crashes and 10 fewer than the five-year average for the
month of October of 69 fatalities in 65 crashes.

As of Oct. 31, a total of 634 people have died in Wisconsin traffic crashes
during 2007, including 105 motorcycle drivers, five motorcycle passengers,
eight bicyclists and 48 pedestrians. Traffic deaths through October were 41
more than during the same period in 2006 but 23 fewer than the five-year

“Later this month, deer hunters and Thanksgiving holiday travelers will
increase traffic on Wisconsin highways,” says Dennis Hughes, manager of
safety programs for the State Patrol Bureau of Transportation Safety.” In
addition, decreasing hours of daylight and rapidly changing weather
conditions in November can make driving more treacherous. To prevent
crashes, you should not drive faster than road conditions permit. Speed
limits generally are safe when pavement is dry and driving conditions are
good, not when roads are slick or visibility is reduced. Because you never
know what other motorists might do, you need to pay strict attention to your
driving and not get distracted. You also must not drive when drowsy or if
you’re feeling buzzed or even slightly impaired by alcohol. To protect
yourself and your family against death and serious injuries, make sure that
everyone in your vehicle is buckled up.”
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