Wisconsin Technical Colleges: Employers very pleased with technical college graduates

MADISON – New research shows technical colleges are delivering on the needs of employers.  According to survey results from the Wisconsin Technical College System, 95 percent of responding employers said they would hire technical college graduates again, proving the technical colleges are effectively addressing employers’ needs. 

“This really speaks volumes for how integral technical colleges are to Wisconsin’s workforce.” said Dan Clancy, president of the Wisconsin Technical College System.  “Employers are excellent indicators of how the technical colleges are performing for the communities and the economy.”

The statistics are from the Employer Satisfaction Survey Report, which is conducted every four years by Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges to gauge employers’ perspectives on the effectiveness of technical college education in job preparation.  Employers who hired technical college graduates in the last two years were asked if they would hire another technical college graduate.  Only four of more than 3,300 employers (less than one percent) who responded said they would not. 

The survey also indicates that the overwhelming majority of employers (87 percent) would recommend technical college graduates to other employers.  Also, 92 percent of respondents said graduates’ occupational knowledge related to the job met their expectations. 

The Wisconsin Technical College System has 16 technical college districts throughout Wisconsin, which offer more than 300 programs awarding two-year associate degrees, one- and two-year technical diplomas and short-term technical diplomas.  In addition, the system is the major provider of customized training and technical assistance to Wisconsin’s business and industry community.  One out of every nine adults in Wisconsin receives education from the state’s 16 technical colleges.  Find more about educational programs at www.witechcolleges.org.