Wisconsin Ethanol Coalition: Businesses See Ethanol Legislation as Key to Economic Development

Contact: Joshua Morby (414) 791-9120

MADISON – Support among Wisconsin’s businesses and employers continues to generate momentum for the passage of Assembly Bill 15. Known as the ethanol bill, AB 15 calls for the use of 10 percent ethanol in Wisconsin gasoline.

“More and more trade groups and organizations representing Wisconsin’s employers are supporting the passage of this legislation because of the potential it has to create jobs and place Wisconsin at the forefront of the bio-based economy in America,” said Bill Oemichen, President and CEO of the Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives, a lead partner in the Wisconsin Ethanol Coalition.

“Passage of the ethanol bill will push Wisconsin past the tipping point and into the new economy, opening doors of opportunity for Wisconsin to continue to develop innovative industries to keep pace with developments in the renewable fuel industry,” Oemichen said.

A number of organizations representing Wisconsin’s important paper and pulp industry have joined the coalition. New members joining include: the Wisconsin Professional Loggers Association; the Timber Producers Association of Michigan and Wisconsin; Lake States Lumber Association; and Plum Creek Timber Company. Simply put, the passage of this legislation means jobs for Northern Wisconsin.

“This legislation opens the door for economic opportunities for Wisconsin companies to expand and create jobs. The support from Wisconsin’s timber industry is a telling sign of the economic impact this legislation will have on regions like Northern Wisconsin,” said Matt Jensen, President of the Wisconsin Professional Loggers Association. Jensen owns and operates Whitetail Logging in Crandon.

There are currently four ethanol plants on line in Wisconsin and two more under construction. For a list of additional supporters and to find out more about the ethanol industry, please visit www.wisconsinethanol.com.

The Wisconsin Ethanol Coalition is a diverse group of businesses, environmental groups, and statewide and local organizations that have come together to build both public and legislative awareness of ethanol issues in Wisconsin. The ethanol industry is proud to have the support of both Republican and Democratic legislators, as well as Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle.

Governor Doyle supports AB 15 and has pledged to sign it into law once it reaches his desk.