Wis. Troopers’ Association: Statement by Casey Perry, Executive Director, regarding the signing of AB 618

Statement by Casey Perry, Executive Director, regarding the signing of AB 618, the Child Booster Seat Bill:

“The Wisconsin Troopers’ Association is proud to stand with Governor Jim Doyle,
Senator Carol Roessler and Representative Jerry Petrowski today as AB 618, the
Child Booster Seat Bill, is signed into law. The dedication of these lawmakers will
help to curb tragic deaths and injuries to children involved in car crashes.

The Booster Seat law requires children who are too big for car seats to ride in
booster seats until they are big enough to be properly protected by adult safety
belts. Booster seats improve the fit of the seat belt by shifting the lap belt’s
position from the abdomen to the upper thighs and by lowering the shoulder belt
from across the neck or face to the shoulder.

This reduces the risk of spinal and
abdominal injuries in the event of a crash. Children wearing only an adult safety
belt are nearly four times more likely to die or sustain serious injury in a crash than
children in safety seats.

The use of booster seats helps get Wisconsin closer to what are known as “best
practices”, guidelines issued by experts that address a number of transportationrelated
safety concerns. When the law corresponds to best practices, law
enforcement officers can help educate parents on best protecting their children
when riding in cars. This is why it is important for all law enforcement agencies to
develop a common sense approach to enforcement.

An officer who encounters a
situation such as carpooling ought to be able to apply this law using his or her
discretion realizing that the most important aspect of the law will be reinforcing the
best practices.
The overall mission of the state patrol is to promote and enhance highway safety.

We know that Wisconsin’s children are safer in the event of a traffic crash if they
are properly restrained in booster seats. The Wisconsin Troopers’ Association
would like to thank Governor Doyle, Senator Roessler and Representative
Petrowski for making child safety a priority in Wisconsin.”