WCATY: Wisconsin Center For Academically Talented Youth(WCATY)Elects Robert Esten and Rolf Wegenke to Board


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MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth recently elected two new Board members – Robert Esten and Rolf Wegenke, Ph.D. Both Esten and Wegenke have a strong dedication to education, as Esten is president of Wayland Academy, located in Beaver Dam, Wis.; and Wegenke is president and CEO of Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU), located in Madison, Wis.

“WCATY is very pleased to have Bob Esten and Rolf Wegenke join our Board as leaders in the education community. WCATY values its partnerships with institutions of higher education and Rolf can help us and the private colleges and universities of Wisconsin to maximize our joint influence on the talent development of our state’s future leaders,” says Ellie Schatz, Ph.D., president, WCATY. “Wayland Academy has provided a quality education to several WCATY students in the past, and with Bob’s help we look forward to building upon our past joint efforts to challenge young learners.”

Founded in 1991, WCATY provides and encourages programs that support, motivate and challenge students. WCATY believes in the importance of students individually. We believe in their importance as a group, as potential leaders in our community and professions. Their Future is our Future.

WAICU represents and promotes collaboration among the 20 private colleges and universities of Wisconsin and their more than 56,000 students.

WAICU assists these colleges and universities to work together to enrich their programs, control costs, and advance educational opportunities for students.

Since 1855 Wayland Academy has been preparing young people for a successful college experience and a rapidly changing world by opening their minds to the pursuit of knowledge and their hearts to the development of strong character.

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About WCATY:
The Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) is proud to offer many opportunities for talented students in Wisconsin. These include on-line programs during the school year, and accelerated courses through residential programs during the summer months. WCATY is an accredited organization through the NCA-CATI. In addition, WCATY is affiliated with Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development through which 3rd – 9th grade students who score in the 95th percentile and above on standardized tests can participate in Midwest Academic Talent Search (MATS). For more information on WCATY, visit www.wcaty.org.