UWM: Conference to Focus on Career Options for Experienced Workers

Released by: Justin A. Smith
[email protected] or 414-277-3153

Milwaukee—The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education is hosting the” Staying Ahead of the Boom: Reinventing Yourself for the New Retirement” conference on October 27, 2006 at the UWM-School of Continuing Education in downtown Milwaukee.

Speaking at the conference will be noted author Ellen Freudenheim. Freudenheim’s book /Looking Forward: An Optimist’s Guide to Retirement/ includes chapters about the health benefits of staying active in activities such as volunteering and working with children. Freudenheim emphasizes the need to stay busy even into retirement years. She says, “The notion that you retreat after you retire is giving way to the idea that retirement is a new active chapter in an active life.”

The AARP reports that 80% of more than 50 million “baby boomers”, people currently aged 40-60, are interested in continuing to work beyond the traditional retirement years. This conference will focus on strategies for those experienced workers contemplating second career options. Experienced workers are invited to explore new directions into volunteer, non-profit, educational or entrepreneurial routes.

Also included in the conference will be several tracks aimed at helping the experienced employee explore many issues around such topics such as pensions, health insurance, for-profit and non-profit employment alternatives. Some of the seminar sessions include:

“The Mature Workforce: America’s Competitive Advantage”

Information on how the experienced workforce will impact the success of companies in a highly competitive world economy.

“Employment Options: Understanding Where You Fit In” and “Shift Happens…Make Change Work for You”

Two separate workshops that help experienced workers understand how working decreased workload or options like telecommuting, or working from home can keep them active in the corporate environment, but still allow them to enjoy some aspects of retirement.

“Selling Your Age and Experience to an Employer”

This workshop will help experienced workers exploit their skills as an asset to the company. It will also provide information on how to market high levels of experience on a resume and sell themselves a serious candidate in an interview.

“The Essentials of Entrepreneurship” and “Is A Franchise Right for Me?”

These two informative workshops delve into issues of entrepreneurship. Issues covered include financing, liabilities and if it is the right choice for the individual.

The conference will be held at the UWM-School of Continuing Education, 161 W Wisconsin Avenue suite 6000. To register for the conference or to receive a brochure for the “Staying Ahead of the Boom: Reinventing Yourself for the New Retirement” conference, please contact Saad Akbar Khan at 414-227-3379 or [email protected] or direct your web browser to http://www.sce-workforce.uwm.edu