UW-Madison: Continuing Studies Dean To Retire Next Summer

CONTACT: Howard Martin, (608) 262-5821, hmartin@dcs.wisc.edu

MADISON – Howard Martin, dean of the Division of Continuing Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, announced plans to retire next summer after a 42-year career with the university.

“This university is a dynamic place and the field of continuing education is a characteristic of that dynamism,” Martin says. “Demand for lifelong learning increases rapidly, particularly as people live longer and as knowledge expands. We now have in place an instrument to expand our learning opportunities and it’s time to turn the reins to a younger person.”

Martin is considered a national leader in continuing education and summer sessions, as well as a leader for continuing education on campus, says Chancellor John D. Wiley.

“As our senior dean, Howard has led a variety of efforts to expand access to UW-Madison for nontraditional students, working professionals, seniors and Wisconsin citizens of all ages,” says Wiley. “His leadership strengthened our relationship with UW-Extension and made UW-Madison Summer Sessions a destination for learners from around the world.”

Martin’s retirement ends a 42-year career at the university that includes graduate studies in Germanic languages and literature; 20 years of teaching undergraduate, graduate and noncredit students; and research on Scandinavian and German languages and traditions before being named dean of the Division of University Outreach in August 1987.

Under Martin’s leadership, the division evolved from the separate entities of the Division of University Outreach, the Division of Summer Sessions and Intercollege Programs, and the Office of Outreach Development. In addition, the Program Information Office, the Adult Career and Educational Counseling Center, the UW Connections Program and the Capstone Certificate program have been absorbed and expanded in the Division of Continuing Studies.

“In the past 20 years, the Division of Continuing Studies has truly become the face of, and gateway to, UW-Madison for the growing community of nontraditional students, returning adults, learners in retirement and alumni learners from beyond the campus surrounds,” Martin says. “That is a tribute to the dedicated and talented faculty and staff who respond so well to the needs of such learners.”

In addition to providing hundreds of continuing education programs both for professional and personal development, and academic advising and counseling to thousands of lifelong learners, DCS has led the UW-Madison Summer Sessions. Its dean has also been the chief campus liaison for the annual agreement with UW-Extension, which supports nearly 400 Madison-based faculty and staff in serving Wisconsin people and communities.

In cooperation with the schools and colleges, the division also serves more than 140,000 working adults and community members through noncredit continuing education programs and community outreach events. The Adult and Student Services office enrolls 5,000 special students annually and counsels more than 5,000 community members, including bright high school students and retired Wisconsin residents auditing credit courses.

Martin plays a key role in forwarding the UW-Madison strategic initiatives for Amplifying the Wisconsin Idea and Advancing Lifelong Learning. He created the Wisconsin Alumni Lifelong Learning initiative in partnership with the Wisconsin Alumni Association, expanding continuing education programs to UW graduates.

He plans to retire July 31.