UW-Madison: Adds Programs To ResearchChannel

CONTACT: Meg McCall, (608) 262-4289

MADISON – The University of Wisconsin-Madison is adding several new programs to the ResearchChannel, the 24-hour network for the broadcast of faculty research findings, institutional lectures, interviews, panel discussions and documentaries from the world’s leading research universities.

The channel reaches nearly 22 million television households in the United States and countless online viewers worldwide, using cable, satellite and Web-streaming technologies.

Soon, the ResearchChannel will launch a major video-on-demand program with Charter Communications, making ResearchChannel programming available through Madison’s local cable system. The organization also will partner with Google Video (http://video.google.com/) to make programs available for free download for personal, educational and noncommercial use.

The ResearchChannel plays an important role in showcasing the high quality of UW-Madison’s research and educational opportunities with general audiences and core constituencies, including alumni and prospective students. The ResearchChannel also gives faculty researchers a widely accessible voice at a time when many large research grants require recipients to broadly disseminate their findings and increase public understanding.

Visit http://www.researchchannel.org/prog/displayseries.asp?collid=448 to view these newly released UW-Madison presentations:

– “Astronomy from the Edge of Space”: This half-hour documentary highlights the work of suborbital rocket scientists at the UW-Madison Space Astronomy Laboratory.

– “Singing Myself a Lullaby”: This hour-long documentary by Douglas Rosenberg and Ellen Bromberg features West Coast dancer John Henry, as he deals with his legacy in the face of the end of his life.

– “Vitamin D: The New Old Natural Wonder Drug”: This lecture, sponsored by Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters in partnership with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, features Hector DeLuca, Harry Steenbock Research Professor of Biochemistry, who discuss the history of the discovery and applications of Vitamin D.

– “Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI): Building on a Legacy”: This second documentary in a series summarizes the creation WISELI and highlights three major new initiatives to increase the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in academic science and engineering. The segment was produced by Eclipse Multimedia Productions.

UW-Madison faculty and staff who have content suitable for the ResearchChannel are encouraged to contact Meg McCall at the UW-Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT) at (608) 262-4289 to submit material. DoIT can also work with groups to capture material and format it for the ResearchChannel.

Visit http://www.doit.wisc.edu/streaming/researchchannel/ to learn more about UW-Madison’s involvement with the ResearchChannel.