TrafficCast International Deploys the World’s Largest Cellular Probe System in Shanghai

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ — TrafficCast International, Inc., the foremost developer of real-time and predictive traffic information in the U.S., and TrafficCast China (Shanghai), the developer of a vertically integrated traffic information system in China, today announced the deployment of the world’s largest cellular probe system in Shanghai, in strategic partnership with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier with 287.1 million mobile phone subscribers as of September 2006.

The anonymous mobile phone position and signaling data in China Mobile’s GSM Network are collected, analyzed, and converted into travel time and speed information for major highways and surface streets in Shanghai. Currently, the system collects cellular data from 10 million China Mobile subscribers in Shanghai, and covers all roads within the Inner Ring Area, including 483 miles of major roads comprising 1,700 roadway segments.

Congestion is a major problem everywhere in China. Government agencies and the commercial sector are urgently searching for efficient ways to access reliable traffic information. This implementation in Shanghai is the first step toward an anticipated nationwide roll-out with China Mobile. TrafficCast International’s deployment provides the first cost effective method of generating highly accurate, real-time traffic information within major cities and across inter-city freeways and state roads in China.

Professor Qixin Shi, China’s leading ITS researcher and former Director of Transportation Institute at Tsinghua University at Beijing states, “TrafficCast International’s cell probe deployment in Shanghai is state-of- the-art. When TrafficCast International’s technology is deployed more widely it will enable China to leapfrog the U.S., Europe, and Japan, which rely heavily on traditional sensor technology, and it will support logistics management for the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games and 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.”

TrafficCast International and its sister company, TrafficCast China, have jointly developed a suite of probe technologies based on GPS and cellular data to extract dynamic travel time and speed information. The companies will leverage their complementary strengths to develop these probe technologies for wider adoption, with TrafficCast China focused on the China market, and TrafficCast International focused on US, Europe and other international traffic data markets.

Sheng-Ping (Vincent) Liu, General Manager of TrafficCast China, said, “This is an exciting milestone for TrafficCast China. Shanghai has the most complex roadway system in China. The successful deployment in Shanghai proves beyond a doubt that we can confidently deploy and operate a similar cell probe system in virtually any city in China.”

“TrafficCast International’s cellular probe deployment gives Shanghai a level of real-time traveler information that is still only a target for western cities,” comments Alan Clelland, Director of Consulting for Siemens Energy and Automation Inc.’s Intelligent Transportation System’s business unit, the US arm of the global Siemens company. “Siemens looks forward to expanding its partnering with TrafficCast International to leverage their market leading technology into Siemens’ ITS solutions.”

“TrafficCast International is delighted to be working with our partners in Shanghai on this pioneering effort to bring cellular-based traffic data to Shanghai,” said Dr. Connie Li, Co-founder, President and CEO of TrafficCast International and TrafficCast Inc. “We look forward to continuing to build a nationwide system in China and to rapidly deploying similar systems in the US, Europe and throughout the world.”

About TrafficCast International, Inc.

TrafficCast International is a leading provider of digital traffic data, with patented software and predictive models to produce route-specific real- time traffic information and travel time forecasts for traditional and emerging traffic information markets. Privately-held, TrafficCast International is a subsidiary of TrafficCast Inc., and is backed by angel investors. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin and has a branch office in Shanghai.

About TrafficCast China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

TrafficCast China is a leading developer of vertically integrated traffic information systems in China. Privately-held TrafficCast China is a subsidiary of TrafficCast Inc. and is backed by Mitsubishi Corporation and Weather Central. The company is based in Shanghai.

About TrafficCast, Inc.

Privately-held TrafficCast Inc. is a holding company based in Madison, WI. The company was founded by the world’s leading traffic flow experts.