Sub-Zero Wine: Blog Offers Insight and Advice from Leading Wine Contributors

MADISON, WI (August 1, 2006) – Sub-Zero, the industry leader in food preservation and wine storage, today launched its first foray into the blogosphere with a site dedicated to wine. The Sub-Zero Wine Blog, which will be updated daily, gives readers a direct conduit to a wealth of knowledge about all things wine including advice on pairings, recommended vineyards and restaurants, and proper storage.  The blog is available at

“Sub-Zero was the first manufacturer of dual-zoned wine storage systems specifically designed to maintain the delicate environment fine wine requires,” said Jim Bakke, president and CEO of Sub-Zero Freezer Company. “Our mission is to continually innovate, and fostering a dialogue through a wine blog will help us stay focused on the leading edge and new thinking in wine.”

Sub-Zero’s Wine Blog, which will continually evolve to incorporate new expert contributors, initially features the expertise of three of the industry’s leading wine connoisseurs: Andrea Immer Robinson, Michael Green and Anthony Dias Blue.

Robinson, who is an expert in wine and food pairings, is also one of the country’s leading wine educators, authors and one of the only women in the world to have been appointed Master Sommelier by the prestigious Court of Master Sommeliers.

Green, the wine and spirits consultant for Gourmet magazine for the past 14 years and a specialist in wine and spirits marketing, has worked in almost all capacities of the wine industry from wine educator to wine importer, writer, consultant and retailer.

Blue, a James Beard Award winner, is one of the most influential wine, food and lifestyle personalities in the United States. Blue has been associated with Bon Appetit magazine for more than 25 years, and he currently directs the tasting panel for the publication.

All three contributors bring different viewpoints to the Sub-Zero Wine Blog, which is an interactive component of the company’s new integrated wine campaign called “Enemies of Wine.” This campaign, which includes new advertisements, a wine-dedicated microsite and the new blog, focuses on the four most harmful “enemies” of wine: heat, light, vibration and humidity.

“In this new campaign, Sub-Zero is the hero that protects the finest wines by defeating the enemies that cause harm,” said Christopher Parr, Sub-Zero’s consumer marketing manager who spearheaded this project. “As part of the ‘Enemies of Wine’ campaign, the microsite and blog serve as avenues of education for our consumers – allowing them to interact with each of the ‘enemies’ in depth, learn about wine and see the difference that proper storage can make.”

Along with the wine blog, the microsite also houses information about wine storage equipment, design ideas, superior wine preservation, wine-related events and a “Friends of Wine” section, which features the finest names in the wine industry, and profiles winemakers, restaurateurs, sommeliers and editors.