Scheibel Halaska: Selected by Alen Corp. for Brand Development

MILWAUKEE—July 18, 2006— Alen Corporation, a home electronics manufacturer based in Dunedin, Fla. has chosen Scheibel Halaska, a leading business-to-business marketing communications firm, to conduct their brand development program.

“While our products enjoy solid reputations, it is hard for a company to stand out in a vast market of competition without an effective brand,” said Jason Welsh, sales manager for Alen Corporation. “We are confident that the experience Scheibel Halaska has in consumer-driven manufacturing and retail branding will aid in developing a strong brand for our company.”

Howard Halaska, president and creative director of Scheibel Halaska, said that the goal of the initiative is to develop a compelling brand that will house all of Alen Corporation’s consumer small electronic products and encompass the core principles of the company.

“Alen Corporation has a proven ability to provide high quality products at an appropriate price,” Halaska said. “Our logo and web site development will bring the brand position to life and enable Alen to capture an unclaimed spot in the market.”

Alen Corporation manufactures air purifiers, air conditioners and various other home small electronics. As a privately-owned company, Alen Corporation prides itself on providing products that benefit their customers and the environment. For more information about Alen Corporation, go to

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