SafeAssured ID: Donates to the Children’s Miracle Network Cause

Wausau, WI SafeAssured ID attended the 18 th Annual Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Celebration held at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. A significant contributor to the “Little Heroes … Big Miracles”, SafeAssured was part of CMN’s record breaking fundraiser, which raised a total of $684,802. As a result of the overwhelming success, CMN will be able to provide funding for an even greater number of projects that will help kids in 2006 and 2007.

Ken Hofmaster, President and COO of SafeAssured ID, states, “We’re honored to participate in this incredibly meaningful event; whenever SafeAssured has the opportunity to support an organization with similar goals we try to have the greatest amount of impact we possibly can. Through these partnerships, we’re afforded the opportunity to grow and become more focused on our own goal, protecting our nation’s youth.”

Providing peace of mind for families, while protecting their privacy, the SafeAssured ID encrypted miniCD in the SafeAssured ID kit contains: up to ten digital fingerprints, digital photograph, streaming video showing mannerisms and gait, voice track providing the youth’s voice inflection and accent, general physical description, vital personal information (street address, date of birth, life threatening medical conditions, identifying scars or marks, and tattoos), and family code word. Families also receive a durable, full color photo ID card, and a Parents Guidebook, written in conjunction with NCMEC, containing helpful safety information. Not only can families create missing person posters from the miniCD, the valuable information contained on the miniCD can be accessed by law enforcement within moments of the disappearance.

About SafeAssured™

SafeAssured ID is the most comprehensive, technologically advanced identification solution in the industry. In the event that a loved one goes missing, SafeAssured ID provides families with the power to deliver media and law enforcement with immediate, holistic, and ready to broadcast information unique to the missing person. In addition to a digital photo and personal profile, SafeAssured differs from other identification solutions by offering: full set of digital fingerprints, voice sample, and streaming video showing movement and gait. The information is stored on a miniCD ROM that is secured with an encrypted, locked electronic code. Not only is the program affordable, it’s easy to use.

As part of a marketing strategy, hosting a SafeAssured ID event provides an opportunity to reach out to an audience of all ages. The events offer a high level of return in public relations, and a key differentiating factor from the competition.