RPI: Braley Takes His 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Maybe 5th Position On Our Troops In Iraq?



Hoffmann: Soldiers, fellow Veterans and all Americans should be very wary of what Bruce Braley would do in Congress

DES MOINES – Another day and it is another position on the War in Iraq for Bruce Braley. Without missing a beat, Bruce Braley has again tried to clarify his statements on our troops in Iraq, but he can’t run from how he truly feels when he first said he would cut off funding to our troops. (AP, 5/19/06)

“No matter how much he tries to twist and turn his position, we all know that what Bruce Braley said first is what he would do in Congress—vote to cut off funding to our troops, leaving them with no resources to do their job. And he is absolutely wrong,” said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Ray Hoffmann.

Hoffmann concluded, “I don’t know how many more positions Braley is going to take on the War, but I do know that he can’t be trusted. As a veteran, I am very afraid of what Braley would do if he were elected, he’s just unpredictable.”

Braley’s Many Positions on Troops in Iraq:

* In his most recent ad, Braley is now saying he wants to stop spending money “over there”. Again, calling to stop funding for the War on Terror.

* In a Quad City Times article yesterday, Braley tries to make the argument for cutting off funding to our troops, saying it has been done in the past. “Braley objected to the ad, calling its claims false and arguing that Republicans voted in 1999 to prohibit the use of federal funds for the insertion of ground troops into Kosovo.”

* On August 11, 2006 in an article by the Waterloo Courier, Braley stated “the country should begin reducing troop levels in Iraq immediately, with a gradual withdrawal that doesn’t jeopardize those who are currently serving.”

* On June 4, 2006, in a column by Charlotte Eby in the Waterloo Courier said of Braley’s Iraq comments, “Like any good lawyer, Braley tried afterward to backtrack, claiming he hadn’t said it. But it’s a tough claim to make when the whole thing is on tape.”

* On May 19, 2006, the Associated Press reported that Braley said this regarding cutting off funds to American troops in Iraq. “That’s what Congress does, they appropriate the money.” Braley added, “If this administration is not carrying out the wishes of the people of this country, then Congress has to start making choices. To cut off the funds to get them home.”