RedPrairie: Seton Medical Center Selects RadiantWave to Install RedPrairie Mobile Resource Solution

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Seton adds technology to provide better hands-on patient care to community

Nacogdoches, TX – September 6, 2006 – RadiantWave, the leading provider of asset tracking solutions utilized by many industries, has been selected by Seton Medical Center, a member of the Seton family of Hospitals located in Austin, TX to implement its healthcare resource tracking system. The RedPrairie DLx® Mobile Resource™ Solution and Sonitor UltraSonic indoor positioning hardware will provide Seton Medical Center universal coverage of the four hundred plus bed facility located in Austin, TX. This industry leading solution is the only solution on the market that gives the ability to track hospital equipment and patients at room level.

Adding this technology will allow Seton the ability to track all assets automatically, resulting in staff spending less time searching for equipment and more time for hands-on patient care.

RadiantWave will implement the solution in the fall of this year. RedPrairie’s Mobile Resource Solution is one of the industry’s first truly scalable enterprise applications built on generations of industry-leading high-volume supply chain execution and tracking systems used by many of the largest Fortune 500 companies. RedPrairie’s solution provides visibility of assets, patients and other mobile resources across an entire network of facilities. Sonitor’s UltraSonic hardware does not interfere with other radio technology and instruments utilized in hospitals and provides precise room level accuracy to the Mobile Resource Solution.

“The Seton Family of Hospitals is continuing its drive to provide the best care for the people of the city of Austin and the use of new technology helps the organization be successful. This technology will greatly increase the ability of the staff to perform their core duties by reducing daily search time for assets and locating patients for treatments,” said Jim Dachelet, CIO RadiantWave.

Once fully implemented the Mobile Resource Solution can also be utilized for other purposes such as security and to optimize business processes using work flow.

About RadiantWave

RadiantWave provides innovative RFID, UltraSonic and barcode based solutions for Mobile Resource Management and security. We are focused on providing leading edge technology and are partnered with best of breed hardware suppliers in addition to providing a suite of software applications for RFID-based data collection and management.

RadiantWave is a privately held company, with offices across the US and UK. They work with clients across multiple countries and a broad number of industries for the visioneering, design and deployment of Mobile Resource Management Systems.

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About Sonitor Technologies

Sonitor Technologies is the developer, manufacturer and supplier of a proprietary ultrasound indoor positioning system (IPS) that automatically tracks precisely by room the real-time location of moveable equipment and people in complex indoor environments, such as hospitals. The Sonitor IPS hardware uses “Detectors” and “Tags” that are linked to systems through the existing wired or wireless LAN. Sonitor Technologies was founded in Norway in 1997. To learn more about the Company and its ultrasound IPS, please visit the corporate web site –