Private Industry Council: Provides Important Employment and Education Services For Youth and Young Adults

MILWAUKEE – (June 27, 2006) –  From job training to college entrance exam preparation classes, the Private Industry of Council of Milwaukee County offers a variety of programs for Milwaukee County’s youth and young adults this summer. 

 “The Private Industry Council continues to provide important employment and education programs and resources for the county’s youth and young adults,” said Gerard Randall, President and CEO of the Private Industry Council.  “We are pleased that the Summer Youth Jobs Initiative has been extremely successful and we are proud of our innovative programs like the Clean Slate driver’s license restoration initiative and the success of our ACT preparation program.”

 The Private Industry Council, located at 2342 N. 27th Street, offers results-driven programs including REACH, STEP-UP, Jobs for Wisconsin Graduates, the Milwaukee Career Center and many more.

 REACH-Milwaukee is a youth program designed to connect out-of-school youth and young adults with jobs and career opportunities.  REACH-Milwaukee has helped hundreds of young people obtain gainful employment.

 The School to Employment Program-Upward Progress (STEP-UP) program connects in-school youth with Jobs.  STEP-UP was designed to assist in-school youth, between the ages of 14 and 21, who live in Milwaukee County, prepare for employment and find jobs by providing a variety of education and employment services.

 Jobs for Wisconsin Graduates (JWG) helps selected high school students graduate and prepare for workplace services.  Students enrolled in Jobs for Wisconsin Graduates participate in a comprehensive program with 37 established competencies, promoting personal growth and employability skills needed to be competitive in today’s job market.

 The Milwaukee Career Center works with young people, ages 14-21 to eliminate a variety of obstacles, including finding gainful employment, graduating from high school, getting driver’s licenses reinstated or attending college.  The Milwaukee Career Center takes a creative approach and offers programs like the “Clean Slate” Driver’s License Recovery Program and the Job Training Coordination Program, which provides training in culinary arts, food service, information technology and construction jobs.

“Regardless of where Milwaukee County’s youth and young adults are in their lives, the Private Industry Council has a program that can help them accomplish their goals,” Randall said. “Whether they are college-bound or working to get their GED, we can help.”

The Private Industry Council of Milwaukee County, a Workforce Development Board, is a public/private partnership between government and business that plans, administers and coordinates employment and training programs for adults and youth in Milwaukee County. As a Workforce Development Board (WDB), the Private Industry Council creates a focused employment and training system that involves all prospective program operators, job seekers and employees. For more information, please visit or call 414.270.1700.