Orion Energy Systems: Hanson Spancrete Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Energy Efficient Lighting Project Equivalent to Removing 1,182 Cars from Road

Contact: Tom McGregor, Hanson Structural Precast Midwest, 763-425-555; or Steve Heins, Orion Energy Systems, 920-892-5800

April 18, 2006, 2006.Maple Grove, MN. Hanson Structural Precast Midwest, Inc. announced that it had received the Environmental Stewardship Award for an energy-efficient lighting project at its 5-acre manufacturing campus in Maple Grove, MN. Hanson expects to save more than 417,000 kilowatts hours (kWh) annually and over 8.3 million kWh over the sustainable lifetime of the lighting fixtures.

This reduction will take enough power off the electrical grid to provide enough electricity to power 67 homes or a bedroom community of over 288 people.

The environmental impact of Hanson’s energy-efficient lighting project will decrease air pollution and environmental damage over the lifetime of Orion’s fixture, the Illuminator, by 8,136 tons of carbon dioxide, 2,219 tons of carbon, 35.4 tons of sulfur dioxide and 17.1 tons of nitrous oxide, according to the EPA formula. This is the equivalent of saving 690,444 gallons of gas or removing 1,182 cars from the road or saving 16,439 barrels of oil.

The payback on the project is under one year, with a third-party incentive from Excel Energy. This does not include the substantial savings of lower maintenance costs going forward.

“We are extremely pleased to be saving so much energy, but what we did not expect was the great improvement to the quantity and quality of light in our plant” stated Tom McGregor, Production Support Manager of Hanson Structural Precast Midwest, Inc. “From floor to ceiling, we now have an even light with far less shadowing. Our employees noticed right away that the whole facility was brighter and cheerier.”

In the last year alone Orion lighting systems helped customers save more than $37 million, 75 megawatts and 600 million kilowatt hours (kWh). Based on EPA estimates, Orion’s current installations remove 11.7 million tons of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere over the lifetime of the fixture and will remove 3.2 million tons of carbon. Other savings include the removal of 50,880 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2), which affects acid rain; 24,540 tons of nitrous oxide (NOX), which is another greenhouse gas, and 444 pounds of mercury. This reduction in electricity usage is the environmental equivalent of removing 1.7 million cars from the road, saving 99.9 million gallons of gas or 23.6 million barrels of oil.

”Hanson is a shining example of what a Minnesota company can do to remain competitive,” said Neal Verfuerth, President of Orion Energy Systems. “We are proud to help a Midwest company like Hanson with their on-going efforts to control costs, improve productivity and stay competitive. In addition, we are proud to honor Hanson Structural Precast, Midwest Inc. with an Environmental Stewardship Award.”

“We are pleased that we have been honored with the Orion Environmental Stewardship Award,” stated Tom McGregor. “It isn’t often when a company can save money by significantly lowering the cost of energy; improve their employees’ productivity and morale by enhancing the work environment and make a positive environmental impact all at the same time.”