Neurognostics: Neurognostics and Ad-Tech Medical Sign a Distributor Agreement

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Milwaukee, WI, July 5, 2006 – Neurognostics, Inc., a Wisconsin company specializing in functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) products and services, announced today the signing of a distributorship agreement with Ad-Tech Medical to promote its MindState product line in the United States.


“We are pleased to have signed this contract with Ad-Tech and look forward to working together,” said Neurognostics, Inc.’s CEO Douglas Tucker, Ph.D., M.B.A. “Ad-Tech is well-known to their customers and has a great reputation for being a market leader. We think that this agreement reflects increasing optimism about fMRI’s utility in presurgical brain mapping applications. By working with Ad-Tech, Neurognostics has the opportunity to reach customers that have a growing interest in functional imaging and achieve our goal of facilitating the adoption of fMRI technology in the clinical environment. We also expect to benefit in other, indirect ways from Ad-Tech’s knowledge and experience in the epilepsy field.”


“Functional MRI is truly a remarkable tool that is opening doors to multiple applications, especially in the area of presurgical brain mapping,” said Ad-Tech’s President, CEO and Founder David Putz. “For over two decades Ad-Tech has been providing our customers with products for surgical epilepsy treatment and neurosurgery. Working with Neurognostics gives us an outstanding opportunity to expand our product offering and make the latest imaging technology available to our customers.”


Approximately 10 percent of epilepsy patients may be candidates for surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy. Functional MRI has the potential to aid in surgical decision-making while reducing patient risk.  Functional MR can help neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons identify important regions within the brain using this low-risk, non-invasive imaging procedure.

About Neurognostics, Inc.
Founded in 2003, Neurognostics develops clinical applications for fMRI. Neurognostics strives to standardize the way fMRI is performed in a clinical setting, whether it is used in preoperative neurosurgical procedures or to assess and manage patients with various neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders. fMRI is a powerful imaging technique that extends the capability of Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging by providing information about the functioning of imaged tissue.  The Company hopes that its fMRI products and services will enable healthcare professionals to achieve new ways to care for their patients.

About Ad-Tech Medical
Since 1985, Ad-Tech has been providing the finest devices for the surgical treatment of epilepsy as well as devices for neuro-monitoring and neurosurgery. Ad-Tech’s epilepsy monitoring products have become known as the “gold standard” by its users and competitors. Today Ad-Tech has distribution in over 40 countries and their products have been CE marked since 1999 as well as approved in its countries of distribution. As a market leader, Ad-Tech’s research and development pipeline will include new and innovative methods in monitoring brain diseases and disorders.