Madison Company Launches New Internet Store Offering Do-it-Yourself Sharpening Solutions

Madison, Wis. – is a new one-stop shop for sharpening products and information on the Web. Customers can count on expert advice, honest and accurate information, and reasonably priced products that are personally tested and chosen by the company’s founder, John Carmona. “We’re happy to help people understand the sharpening process and figure out what they need to get started. We want to spread the word about the importance of sharp knives and tools and we’re happy to show you how you can do-it-yourself,” Carmona says.

The products at include sharpening stones, pocket and folding sharpeners, grinding wheels, sharpening guides, books and other accessories. The site,, features online shopping, sharpening basics, information on selecting the proper stone, keeping your knife sharp and more. In the coming months, you can also look for step-by-step how-to articles and exclusive video demonstrations.

Carmona first learned about the importance of sharpening when he started woodworking five years ago. The expensive woodworking tools he bought got dull after only a short time and he was forced to look for a solution. He studied, practiced and became a student of sharpening.

Armed with his woodworking sharpening knowledge, he applied the sharpening techniques to his cooking hobby. After sharpening his chef’s knife he saw for himself the difference a sharp tool makes in the kitchen. And it only continued from there, he looked around the house for ways to improve his other hobbies. There was no shortage of items that needed to be sharpened. Now he keeps his knives, fishhooks, pruners, axes and scissors sharp and ready to use.

“There is a big difference between a tool that is sort of sharp and one that is truly sharp. I realized for myself what a difference a sharp tool makes in getting the job done well and I wanted to share my knowledge with others,” Carmona says. He aims to offer the most comprehensive place for sharpening supplies and sharpening advice on the Web.

Carmona adds that the integrity of is of the utmost importance, “When you buy your sharpening products from us you can feel confident that the product is going to work. We skip the gimmicks and cheap quality products. We carry only high quality sharpening supplies.” is operated by Wingra Direct LLC. For more information contact John Carmona at, 313 W. Beltline Hwy. #20, Madison, WI 53713, phone (608) 237-1333, e-mail [email protected]