Longevity Center of Wisconsin: Elm Grove Clinic Offers Breast Thermal Imaging

From: The Longevity Center of Wisconsin
890 Elm Grove Rd., Suite #3
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Contact: Tammy Leiner, 262-424-5776

For Immediate Release

(Elm Grove, August 31, 2006)—With Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming up in October, local women should know that breast thermography is now being offered by The Longevity Center of Wisconsin in Elm Grove. It’s a breakthrough screening method to alert one’s doctor to changes that indicate early breast cancer as well as other diseases,

“It’s an alternative to mammograms,” explains Tammy Leiner, clinic director, “but also can be used in conjunction with mammograms for high risk patients, with the earliest detection rate possible”.

Thermography is a noninvasive, safe, painless, highly accurate diagnostic technique utilizing a heat-sensing infrared camera that scans the body for abnormalities, she says.

According to the International Academy of Clinical Thermography (IACT), the procedure often detects irregular or abnormal patterns many years before they would be seen by a mammogram. Unlike mammography, Thermal imaging is completely non-invasive. Thermography does not involve any manipulation or squeezing of the breast, nor is tissue exposed to harmful radiation from x-rays. It simply requires having a few pictures taken at a distance of several feet, the IACT says.

“It’s also an excellent preventive tool for other parts of the body,” says Leiner. “It can detect blocked carotid arteries which can lead to stroke, heart attacks or blood clots. Other diseases such as arthritis, phlebitis, infections and immune or lymphatic system problems can also be detected by the use of thermography.”

Thermograms are also effective in detecting pain in the body, she says. “Pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms or nerve impingements show up bright red in color on a thermography scan. We can see the source of the pain”.

Costs range from $270.00 for breast scans to $375.00 for a full-body scan. Yearly re-scans for the breast are just $95.00.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), The Longevity Center is offering breast thermal scans for $50.00 off the regular price to new clients only. Scan days are Tuesdays-Thursdays (plus 1 Saturday per month). Appointments are made by contacting the Longevity Center at 262-424-5776. Group rates, onsite thermal scans and other times are also available by appointment only.

The Longevity Center is located at 890 Elm Grove Rd in Elm Grove, WI. For more information on thermography, visit http://www.longevitywi.com