Jeskewitz Selected for Committee to Review Crimes Against Children

(MADISON)…..Rep. Sue Jeskewitz (R-Menomonee Falls) has been selected to serve on the Legislative Council Special Committee for the Review of Crimes Against Children.


“Protecting our children from predators is one of the most important ways we can serve our families and communities,” said Jeskewitz.  “This committee will evaluate current law to see where it’s working and where improvements need to be made so that people who want to prey on children don’t have the opportunity to do so, and those who do hurt kids are fully punished.”


Legislative study committees are established by the non-partisan Joint Legislative Council bi-annually to examine issues of importance to the Legislature.  Both citizens and Legislators serve on the committees, which meet over the course of several months.

Jeskewitz served as chair of the 2004 Special Committee on Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights Law, was co-chair for the 2002 Special Committee on Recodification of Chapter 55, Placement and Services for Persons With Disabilities, and served on the 1998 Committee on State Strategies for Economic Development, all of which crafted changes to Wisconsin statutes.

“Study committees allow us to meticulously review current laws pertaining to a topic, work closely with experts and other public members to see the impact of laws and potential problem areas, and then decide how to eliminate obsolete laws or craft new legislation based on society’s needs today,” Jeskewitz explained.


The Committee for the Review of Crimes Against Children, which will be chaired by Sen. Alberta Darling, expects to begin meeting in September, and complete its discussion and recommendations in the spring of 2007.  For more information on this and other study committees, visit and choose Interim Studies.