Innovative Management Tools LLC: New White Paper Helps Small Businesses Respond to Change

Milladore, Wis.– of Milladore, Wis., has released a white paper to help small businesses better and more quickly adapt to change.

IMT is a training firm that offers change management assistance for small businesses and other organizations through kits and on-site facilitated sessions.

According to Patrick Seaton, president of IMT, the white paper was created to help small businesses better respond to changes in such areas as cost control, productivity, work processes, technology and employee training.

“My hope is that small business owners, managers, supervisors and employees will read the white paper and come away with ideas on how they can more effectively handle many of the challenges they face each day,” Seaton says.

Seaton regularly consults with small businesses on a wide variety of operational topics and has included many of his main insights and concepts in the paper.

“Change is no longer an event but a way of life. How small businesses plan for, manage, and adapt to change is critical to their success,” Seaton says. “The white paper has been organized around these central ideas.”

Seaton has more than 15 years of corporate management experience in change management, process improvement, team building and supervisory skills development. He has previously held positions in training, product management, international business development and sales at Renaissance Learning and Best Power.

The company’s free white paper is titled “Small Businesses Can Operate More Effectively by Adopting Practical, Systematic Change Management Approaches,” and it can be downloaded by visiting and clicking on “Publications.”