Great Lakes Media Technology: August Newsletter

GLMT Adds Another Piece to the Da Vinci Code

On the heels of this popular novel and film comes the nationally distributed board game, available through Barnes and Noble, Borders, Target, and other retailers. The Da Vinci Code game includes a variety of components for playing the game with, and also an instructional DVD, manufactured and printed by Great Lakes Media Technology. It’s no mystery that we were delighted to take part in such a high profile project, and it’s another great example of using digital media capabilities to enhance print formats and products.

Scratch and Theft Proof

Have you ever purchased a disc only to open it and find that the hub that held the disc had broken, leaving the disc to shake freely within the case, scratching the bottom to the point of playback issues? Have you ever produced a retail disc where thieves slipped the case open to take the disc, bypassing the security tag? Both of these scenarios can be avoided with the GLMT Security Case. The Security Case is identical in size to a standard DVD case, but includes two movable braces that securely hold the disc within its tray against hub breakage or attempted theft. A simple but ingenious new way to add extra protection for your discs. Reply to this email with “I want security” in the subject line for more details.

Jewel Case Alternative: The Hardbox

Tired of cracked cases? Like the hefty outer graphic real estate of DVD cases? Then your solution is here. The Hardbox combines the best of both worlds: A DVD styled case with a jewel case size. Because it’s a clear case surrounded by a wrap sleeve, the outer wrap can be printed in color on both sides to provide a continuous image on both the outside and inside of the case – something that’s more challenging to produce on the multiple printed pieces within a jewel case. Also, it’s one solid piece – disc tray and case, which brings the material cost per unit below that of a jewel case. The Hardbox is a fine alternative to a long-time standard. Call us for more info. | p.262.512.0100 | f.262.512.0184 | 6501 W Donges Bay Rd, Mequon WI 53092