Governor Doyle: Statement of Governor Doyle on Federal Budget Cuts

Anne Lupardus, Office of the Governor, 608-261-2162

Cuts in Health Care and College Aid Will Worsen the Squeeze on Working Families

Governor Doyle made the following statement in response to the U.S. Congress’ decision to cut $40 billion from the federal budget, slashing money from the Medicaid and foster care program, as well as making deep cuts in student loans.

“Here in Wisconsin, we understand the value of a good education, and affordable health care.

“Already, too many seniors are struggling to afford the long-term home health care they deserve, and too many hardworking Wisconsin families are being forced to make choices they never should have to make, like how to pay for their home heating bills without dipping into their child’s college fund.

“We have to make living in Wisconsin a little more affordable for middle class and working families. But Congress just made matters worse.

“These cuts reflect Washington values, not Wisconsin values.

“Congress should follow Wisconsin’s lead and balance its budget in a way that protects working families, students, and seniors – and doesn’t raise taxes.”