Gov. Doyle: Ethanol Use Statewide Increases 20 Percent

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Renewable Fuels Decrease Wisconsin’s Dependence on Foreign Oil

Governor Jim Doyle today released a report by the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) which shows that ethanol use throughout the State of Wisconsin has increased 20 percent in the last year, and that state government is leading the way in adopting ethanol-based fuels.

“Wisconsin is demonstrating to the nation that we can diversify our fuel supply by relying more on the Midwest and less on the Mid East,” Governor Jim Doyle said. “With gasoline prices topping $3 per gallon, we must loosen the stronghold Big Oil has on businesses and families, and we can do that while creating jobs and strengthening our economy with ethanol produced right here in Wisconsin.”

For the state as a whole, ethanol use in 2005 set a new record of nearly 123 million gallons, and sales of conventional gasoline containing a 10 percent blend of ethanol jumped by more than 78 percent in 2005.

State Government Leads

At Governor Doyle’s direction, state government has taken a leadership role in the use of ethanol-based fuels, those which combine traditional gasoline with at least 10 percent ethanol. This year 96 percent of the nearly 1.5 million gallons of motor fuel state government has contracted to buy will contain ethanol.

“The state has an important role to play in demonstrating to the people of Wisconsin and our country the benefits of ethanol,” Governor Doyle said. “And unlike foreign oil, for every dollar we spend on ethanol, seventy cents stays right here in Wisconsin – which is great news for our economy, and the hardworking farmers all across this state.”

E-85 Use Continues to Grow

The DOA report also shows that sales of E-85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent conventional gasoline, experienced remarkable growth increasing by almost 600 percent compared to last year as more gasoline stations begin to carry an E-85 blend.

“We’re working hard to expand the use of E-85 in Wisconsin by increasing the number of stations offering the fuel, and by encouraging manufacturers to get these flex-fuel vehicles on the road,” Governor Doyle said. “In fact, some of the finest E-85 vehicles you can buy roll off the GM assembly line in Janesville, proving that Wisconsin is well positioned for an ethanol future.”

Governor Doyle’s efforts to increase Wisconsin’s sales of E-85 are continued in his Promote Our Wisconsin Energy Resources (POWER) initiative. This initiative will expand the number of stations selling E-85 in Wisconsin and will partner with local governments to increase their use of E-85 in their vehicle fleets and continue the growth of E-85 sales in Wisconsin.

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