Gary Hubbell Consulting: Alaska Conservation Foundation Selects Gary Hubbell Consulting for Development Audit Services

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Alaska Conservation Foundation has selected Gary Hubbell Consulting to objectively assess its current fund raising program.

Milwaukee, WI – Since 1980, Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF) has been a vital force protecting and enhancing the Great Land and its natural, wild ecosystems—the last of their kind in our nation. As the major philanthropic link between Alaska ‘s conservation community and thousands of committed donors nationwide, ACF’s funding efforts have defeated threats to Alaska ‘s environmental integrity and have enabled the training of dedicated Alaskan stewards.

With a new Executive Director and an emerging strategic direction, ACF seeks to objectively assess the scope and effectiveness of its current fund raising program. Gary Hubbell Consulting has been engaged to provide analysis of the current ACF development program. In doing so, key ACF staff, board members, and donors will be interview and program data analyzed, which will result in actionable recommendations for development program improvement. Lauri Adams, ACF Executive Director, stated “Our development program provides the fuel for our work. We needed an outside expert who could respect our culture and heritage while asking us the tough questions that might lead to even greater effectiveness. We trust Gary Hubbell Consulting will do that.”

As a strategic planning and resource development consultant with almost thirty years experience helping nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions, Hubbell is well positioned to assist ACF as it continues to build strategic leadership and support for Alaskan efforts to take care of wildlands, waters, and wildlife which sustain diverse cultures, healthy communities, and prosperous economies.

In addition to Hubbell’s work serving as counsel and coach to organizations across the country, he is an active author and speaker. His independent research resulted in the publication of his first book, Forces of Change: The Coming Challenges in Hospital Philanthropy (Association of Healthcare Philanthropy, 2005).