Focus on Energy: Releases Dairy Processing Best Practice Information

MADISON, Wis.– The dairy processing industry has long been a staple of Wisconsin’s economy, but the last 20 years have brought much change.  Competition from western states, volatile milk prices and changing consumer tastes have significantly altered the industry.  With facilities under constant scrutiny to be productive, innovative and cost competitive, managing and reducing energy costs is closely being monitored.  The combination of increased energy costs and competitive threats has forced dairy processing facilities to reduce costs by downsizing, putting the onus of running the day-to-day operations on fewer people.

To help facility managers respond to these challenges, Focus on Energy’s Industrial Program, part of the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy initiative, recently developed a Dairy Processing Energy Best Practice Guidebook.  The guidebook highlights best practices or methods and procedures that are widely recognized as opportunities to improve a dairy processing facilities performance and efficiency. 

With the help of other Wisconsin companies such as Science Applications International Corporation, EnVise, GDS Associates, CleanTech Partners, Industrial Refrigeration Center and University of Wisconsin Biological Systems Engineering, Focus on Energy introduced this guidebook as a single resource that provides condensed, credentialed information on ways to reduce energy use and energy-related costs in dairy processing facilities.  Using this guidebook, a dairy processing facility manager will learn how to manage energy in their facility, uncover opportunities to significantly reduce facility energy consumption and improve productivity.

The guidebook includes more than 20 energy saving best practices for the dairy processing industry, indexed by type of processes that are available for facilities to consider, which will result in money saving opportunities.

“Rising energy prices are a big concern for members of the dairy industry,” said John Nicol, sector manager for Focus on Energy’s Industrial Program.  “With the help of Focus on Energy’s guidebook, facility managers will have a resource to turn too for more information about reducing energy use and energy related costs in their dairy processing facility.  Energy efficiency is a good investment and together with our help we can help businesses improve their bottom line.”

“The Best Practices Guidebook is a great tool to help energy practitioners make an immediate impact on conservation and efficiency,” said Nick George, executive director of Midwest Food Processors Association.  “That is critical to our industry’s competitiveness in an era of rapidly increasing energy prices.”

Rich Hackner, sector manager for Focus on Energy’s Agriculture and Rural Business Program adds that the guidebook, “Is a working document that can be updated continually with new best practices and case studies provided by the Focus on Energy program.”  Focus on Energy also has guidebooks available for other industries including pulp and paper and plastics/chemicals. Additionally, Focus on Energy is currently developing guidebooks for the metal casting and water/wastewater industries.

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Editor’s Note – To request a copy of the Dairy Processing Energy Best Guidebook, contact Craig Schepp at 608.277.2948.

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