Dane Co. Exec. Falk: County Executive Falk Announces Grant Recommendations for $1.7 million in CDBG and HOME Funds

Contact:   Lesley Sillaman, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606


Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced funding recommendations for $1.7 million in federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME (affordable housing) funds.  Dane County receives these dollars as a result of Falk’s obtaining “urban county” status for the county in 1999 making it eligible to receive annual community development funds.  Last evening, the CDBG Commission met to make recommendations to the County Board and Falk for the priorities for the funding. 

“These important dollars make it possible to help families find affordable housing, help kids get a better start in life, help seniors and those with disabilities live independently, and help communities revitalize their downtowns,” said Falk.  “Thanks to the hard work of the CDBG Commission for making sure these important projects are recognized.” 

“The Commission had some very hard decisions to make this year, as we had many worthy applicants,” said Deb Neubauer, President of the CDBG Commission.  “We wish we could have funded all of them, but we are confident that the programs we chose will make a permanent, positive difference in our community.” 

“We are grateful for this important grant, which will help us reach our goals of helping low-income people purchase homes and make necessary home repairs,” said Denise Matyaka, Executive Director of Project Home. 

To be considered for funding, applicants must meet one of the following requirements: 1) assist low-income persons, at or below 80% county median income; 2) remove slum and blight; or 3) provide emergency assistance. They can do this by helping to provide housing, working to prevent homelessness, create jobs, or provide job training and needed services.  Applicants can meet the second requirement by making façade improvements.   

This year’s grant recommendations include:

    ·       Boys & Girls Club – $150,000 for the purchase of land for the new facility in the Allied Drive area. 
    ·       Community Action Coalition –  $60,000 to provide case management and eviction prevention services for homeless and at risk homeless persons and families in Dane County. 

    ·       Independent Living Inc. – $53,549 to provide low-income elderly residents up to three months rent. 
    ·       Dane County Housing Authority – $165, 997 to provide loans (up to $9,000) to low-income persons and families in Dane County for down payment assistance or closing costs.  Homebuyer training courses will also be offered through this program.

    ·       Project Home – $90,000 to assist persons of any income to purchase a multi-family unit in Dane County with the provision that the other unit must be rented to a low-income person.  $319,285 will also be provided to repair homes to income-qualified residents in Dane County.  Repairs can include things such as furnace replacement, roof repair and window replacement. 

    ·       Ellefson Companies — $200,000 as a loan to assist low-income persons/families in the purchase of a home at Renaissance on the Park in the Allied Drive area. 

    ·       Habitat for Humanity — $190,000 for the purchase of lots in Dane County for the construction of homes for low-income persons/families.

    ·       Movin’ Out – $197,959 to be used for assisting low-income persons with disabilities (mental or physical) in buying a home. 

    ·       Village of Oregon — $25,000 for matching dollars for businesses in Oregon to make façade improvements and repairs.

    ·       WWBIC — $50,000 to provide financial and business classes to low-income persons in Dane County.  These classes teach persons how to start their own businesses and how to manage funds.

    ·       Operation Fresh Start — $45,000 to help students learn the skills they need to rehabilitate a home.  Funding will be used to purchase a home where at-risk youth are taught construction work.  When the home is complete, it is sold to an income-eligible person/family. 

    ·       Dane County Department of Human Services – $41,722 to provide transportation to low-income persons in Dane County.  Rides are provided for medical appointments, employment appointments, etc. $20,000 for families in the Allied Drive Neighborhood for eviction prevention, job skills training and employment searches.

    ·       Dane County Department of Human Services $49,000 to be used in the Southdale neighborhood for services to help families in the surrounding neighborhoods.

    ·       Community Revolving Loan Fund — $10,000 for a revolving loan fund that provides business with loans to either expand an existing business or to start a new business. 

The Commission’s recommendations need to be approved by the County Board and executive.