Cartographic Solutions, Inc.: Announces New Website

Improvements Include Map Gallery, Case Studies, Client Testimonials

Kithy Elliott, president of Cartographic Solutions, Inc. (CSI), today announced the inauguration of its redesigned website (, focusing on CSI’s dedication to bringing geographic tools into an organization’s decision-making process. With the help of an extensive map gallery, case studies, client testimonials, and a complimentary newsletter, CSI can show the business community a new way to expand and enhance its strategic and market planning.

Elliott, owner of Cartographic Solutions, Inc., applies the tools she has acquired throughout her academic and professional career, along with her longtime personal interest in geography, to help organizations large and small, regional and national, profit and nonprofit, merge the ideas of strategy and place.

“Our goal is to empower our customers with a fresh geographic perspective, one that helps them understand, develop, and articulate better decisions. We help them better see their own community,” Elliott said. “Approximately 80 percent of all business data is location sensitive. Companies and organizations have a lot invested in their own data collection, from customer records, payroll data, inventory systems, shipping data, travel expenses, sales tracking to marketing lists. This valuable information is often overlooked in the strategic planning process.”

CSI uses a wide range of research techniques and information sources, from a company’s internal records to demographics to competitive resources to regional land use plans, and more. CSI helps organizations reap the benefits of their own unique geography. “Getting businesses to leverage these data investments can reveal trends, patterns, and opportunities that previously went unseen or had been mistakenly assumed,” Elliott said. “We help them gain a deeper understanding of place, and help prepare them for future events and conditions.”

As experienced analysts specializing in applied location analysis, Cartographic Solutions has assisted businesses and organizations in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, service, planning and development industries, government entities, and nonprofits with their short- and long-term strategic and market planning. Elliott explained, “It’s exciting to pull all of this information together and to see the nuances that can’t be seen in any other formats. To show that location matters, that data matter, and that awareness matters. Don’t keep your head in the sand. Get up and take a look around.”