Xpanded Label Technology, LLC: Opens It Doors to Service the Trade with Expanded Content Labels

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Xpanded Label Technology, LLC
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expertise to meet growing market demand.

APPLETON, WI – May 2005 – Xpanded Label Technology, LLC has opened a new facility in Appleton, WI to meet the market requirement for pressure-sensitive labels combined with paper leaflets, commonly referred to as expanded content labels (ECLs). With sales to the trade only, Xpanded Label Technology, LLC offers printers, promotion agencies and distributors access to its market and manufacturing expertise to grow business with new and existing customers.

“Our market research indicated a strong need for a trade-exclusive supplier,” says co-owner Jim Volkman. “Not only are we a trade-exclusive supplier, but ECLs are all that we do. Our printer customers don’t need to worry about us being their competition and our agency customers don’t need to worry about us selling direct,” adds Volkman.

Expanded content labels are commonly used for on-pack promotional coupons, mail-in rebates, recipes and usage tips. Other applications include informational labeling for agricultural chemical and pharmaceutical products. Each order is custom designed, taking into account end use application. Among the many available features are one-time removal, reseal, scratch-off, and four-side seal. A broad range of paper, film and adhesive combinations are available.

Xpanded Label Technology, LLC is a wholesale manufacturer of custom designed expanded content labels with manufacturing facilities located in Appleton, WI. The Company shares over 50 years of industry experience and manufacturing expertise to meet the demand for expanded content labels used for product promotion and informational labeling in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.