Xact Wire EDM Corporation: adds 3 new state of the art wire edm machines


Michael Raasch
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Waukesha, WI (November 2005) – Xact Wire EDM Corporation, a large worldwide provider of premier wire EDM and high-speed small-hole EDM machining services, is pleased to announce the addition of new equipment at their facility in Waukesha. Xact Wire EDM has added one Sodick AQ300L LN1 and two Sodick AQ537L Premium wire edm machines. These new machines offer the latest in anti-electrolysis power supplies and .0001mm resolution linear glass scales combined with linear motors for reliable accuracy. This increase in capacity, combined with the experience & dedication of their employees, will continue to place Xact Wire EDM Corporation in the forefront of precision wire EDM machining.

Established in 1984, Xact Wire EDM Corporation combines people and technology to provide precision wire EDM machining to such industries as medical, defense, aerospace, packaging, electronics, energy, automotive & the tool, die, mold & metal machining industries.

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