WTCW: Wisconsin Announces China Trade Mission

Announcement follows China Conference and visit from leading Chinese entrepreneur.

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (March 18, 2005) – At its Annual Conference on Global Sourcing, World Trade Center Wisconsin announced that it is leading a trade mission to China in September.

“Working hand-in-hand with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Chamber of Commerce, we will conduct a trade mission to China this fall,” announced Christian Bartley, Executive Director of World Trade Center Wisconsin. “This mission is an important opportunity for Wisconsin companies to increase exports to one of the fastest growing economies in the world.”

WTC Wisconsin is coordinating the mission with World Trade Centers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Halifax and Hong Kong as well as the Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Chamber of Commerce. As part of the mission, participants will take part in the Word Trade Center Association General Assembly September 21-24 in Shanghai.

More announcements regarding the China trade mission are expected at the MMAC’s World Trade Day on May 17th. Space is limited; interested companies are encouraged to inquire early by contacting the World Trade Center Wisconsin office at 414.274.3840.

The announcement capped this year’s Conference on Global Sourcing, which focused on “Manufacturing for, Selling to and Securing Investment from China.” The event, which took place on Thursday, March 17, addressed:

– Branding and Marketing in China
– Selling and Distributing in China
– Should You Own Bricks and Mortar in China
– Attracting Capital from Abroad
– Foreign Direct Investment

Leading Chinese Entrepreneur Visits Milwaukee

This week a delegation from World Trade Center Hong Kong, including Annie Wu – Chair of WTC Hong Kong, member of the Board of Directors of the World Trade Centers Association and leading Chinese entrepreneur – visited Milwaukee.

“Ms. Wu’s visit represents an invaluable opportunity to help increase international investment in Wisconsin and open the door to greater exports to China,” said Bartley. “It is just one example of how the WTC-Wisconsin is working to improve our state’s economy and make Wisconsin businesses more competitive in the global marketplace.”

The purpose of Ms. Wu’s visit was to explore international investment opportunities in the United States. She is considering the WTC-Wisconsin as the location for a “China Desk” to serve as the gateway for Chinese investment activity in the U.S. She will also be assisting the World Trade Center Wisconsin with this fall’s trade mission to China.

While she was in Milwaukee, a camera crew from China Central Television filmed the Conference on Global Sourcing and Milwaukee area attractions and businesses for use in a promotional video for Chinese entrepreneurs. Included in the video are interviews of key business and political leaders discussing the benefits of investing in Wisconsin – including County Executive Scott Walker, Julia Taylor of the GMC, Terence Dittrich of Spancrete Machinery Corporation and Christian Bartley of World Trade Center Wisconsin.

India Trade Mission – April 1-8

Later this spring, the World Trade Center Wisconsin will lead a small business mission to Mumbai, India from April 1 to 8, 2005. The mission will include representatives from local companies interested in exploring business opportunities in India.

As part of the trade mission, participants will take part in the Word Trade Center Association General Assembly April 3-6 in Mumbai. The General Assembly will feature representatives from many of the 300 WTC offices in 92 countries. WTC – Wisconsin will be leading a seminar on how international companies can develop business partnerships and pursue investment opportunities in the Midwest.

Companies interested in learning more about the China Trade Mission or India Trade Mission are encouraged to call the World Trade Center Wisconsin office at 414.274.3840.

The World Trade Center Wisconsin is a Charter Member of the New York-based World Trade Centers Association, with a mission to enhance international trade, promote economic development and foster peace. Through fostering trade and business leads, and offering research information and education programs, the World Trade Center Wisconsin improves the ability of Wisconsin’s business principals to compete and prosper in the global marketplace. For more information, visit

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