WPS Health Insurance: Launched Informational Web Site About New Medicare Prescription Drug Program


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Web site provides information about program and assistance to

Wisconsin’s Medicare-eligible residents

Madison, Wis. – WPS Health Insurance today announced a new, one-stop-shop Web site that provides information about the new Medicare prescription drug coverage program. The goal of the site – www.wpsmedicaredrugs.com – is to be a starting point for people to learn about the new benefit, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2006, and assist as the benefit’s Initial Enrollment Period of Nov. 15, 2005, through May 15, 2006, draws closer.

“We didn’t want to re-create the wheel with this site, but we did want to bring together the best of a variety of available resources for Wisconsin residents to learn more about this new prescription drug coverage,” said Guenther Ruch, senior vice president of WPS Health Insurance. “As more information is released on the benefit, our site will be enhanced to serve as a good source of information for Wisconsin’s Medicare-eligible residents.”

Medicare is expected to announce in early August what the national average premium will be for prescription drug plans. Also beginning in August, Wisconsin residents who applied for the low-income subsidy will start to receive notification if they qualify for that financial assistance. Just weeks after that, Medicare-eligible residents will begin to see their mailboxes fill with plan information from various private insurance companies.

According to Ruch, the government is relying on private insurers to provide this new benefit because the competition among different companies and the variety of plans available through those companies will mean the best prices and most choices for Medicare prescription drug plan participants.

“By offering a variety of plans, with varying combinations of drug formularies, benefit amounts and in-network pharmacies, the prescription drug benefit can best meet the varying needs of Wisconsin’s Medicare-eligible residents,” said Ruch. “At the same time, with a variety of options, our Medicare-eligible population will need to be properly informed to make the right decisions,” continued Ruch.

With the plethora of information that is just around the corner for Wisconsin’s Medicare-eligible residents, WPS – through this new Web site – is also helping provide informational tools to ensure that the public understands the benefit and what they need to do to get the most out of the program. For example, the site provides links to key resources such as the low-income subsidy application.

“Our research has shown that Medicare-eligible residents are looking for plans to be as simple and predictable as possible,” said Ruch. “WPS is trying to meets these needs every step of the way, and that begins with this new Web site, which will be just one of the first tools that we can provide to the public to help navigate the new benefit program.”

WPS Health Insurance is one of the largest health benefits providers in Wisconsin, and after nearly 60 years, remains Wisconsin’s only not-for-profit insurer offering health plans statewide to the public and private sectors. With offices in Madison, Milwaukee, Wausau, Appleton and Eau Claire, and more than 5,700 employees, WPS is deeply committed to Wisconsin and its citizens.

For more information about WPS Health Insurance, visit www.wpsic.com. For more information about Medicare prescription drug plan coverage – and after Oct. 1, 2005, information about WPS’ Medicare prescription drug plans – visit www.wpsmedicaredrugs.com.