Wisconsin Biotechnology & Medical Device Association: Wisconsin Institute for Discovery An Exciting Development for State Biotech Growth

The leader of the trade association serving the state’s life sciences industry, the Wisconsin Biotechnology & Medical Device Association (WBMA), expressed excitement about a new development on the UW-Madison campus, the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, announced today by Governor Doyle.

The Institute, to be located in a new interdisciplinary research facility, will bring together scientists and engineers in disciplines ranging from nanotechnology, biology and material science to biostatistics and chemistry, with the goal of encouraging cross-disciplinary interactions. These interactions, exploring the complexity of human biology, will lead to advances in scientific understanding and medical care and can lead to solutions for the world’s most urgent health problems.

Building on Wisconsin’s strengths as a leader in biotechnology, information technology and biomedical-related engineering, the Institute will be an interactive hub where scientific integration allows scientists from across the state to attack problems in a way not before possible.

James Leonhart, WBMA Executive Director, expressed the Association’s appreciation for this new initiative supporting the state’s life sciences community, commenting that “We at the WBMA are delighted with this collaborative plan by the University of Wisconsin and the State to move Wisconsin into the forefront of scientific exploration and innovation. Our biotechnology and medical engineering researchers and companies are on the threshold of unprecedented advances in understanding the human body and advancing cures for disease. The Institute will contribute significantly to moving us into a new world of human medicines.”


Contact: Jim Leonhart
Executive Vice President

The Wisconsin Biotechnology & Medical Device Association (WBMA) is the state trade association supporting and promoting the Wisconsin life sciences industries.