WisBusiness: Even with expansion plans, Madison-Kipp to keep presence in city

By Brian E. Clark

Madison-Kipp, an long-time eastside Madison die-casting company,
is working with developer Terrence Wall and the city of Madison to find a
site for a new plant that could be as large as 120,000 square feet and
employ 200 workers.

“Wall is negotiating with the mayor’s office on some sort of
incentive to stay in Madison,” said Mark Meunier, a Madison-Kipp vice
president. “We’re also looking outside Madison, too. Possible locations
include Sun Prairie and Columbus.”

Even with a new factory, he said the company has no plans to leave
the two facilities Madison-Kipp has in the Atwood Avenue neighborhood.

Assemblyman Brett Davis, R-Oregon, confirmed this week that he was
working on creating a TIF district to induce Madison-Kipp to open a plant
in his district. But he said he he has put those plans on hold at the
request of Madison officials.

“We’ve dropped it for now,” he said.

Meunier said Madison-Kipp expects to experience significant
growth in coming years. He said the company may hire 40 workers next year
to handle more than $45 million in new business.

The 107-year-old company currently has 500 workers and $60
million in annual sales. Its makes products primarily for the automotive
industry, but plans to branch out into other areas, Meunier said.

Madison-Kipp has had a rocky relationship with neighbors in
recent years. Clean Air Madison has filed a lawsuit challenging the
company’s state air permit. That is now before an administrative law

George Twigg, a spokesman for the city, confirmed that “discussions
are ongoing with Kipp.”

“We want to do everything we can to keep them here in Madison,” he
said. “We are hopeful we can develop a plan that works for everyone. We
are still talking.

“It’s too early to say what might come out of it. But we are actively
talking about what their needs are and what the city might be able to do.”