WisBusiness: 2005 guide to Wisconsin venture capital now available

The 2005 NorthStar Guide to Growth and Venture Capital for Wisconsin
companies is now available for purchase.

Northstar Economics Vice President Dennis Winter said the guide
includes key information for Wisconsin companies seeking risk capital to
start or expand a business.

This volume covers the range of risk capital needed by fast growing
companies. It was last published in 2003.

For each type of risk capital, the guide provides a basic primer and a
directory of the sources for that risk capital in Wisconsin.

The guide has been updated for 2005 and includes several new directory
listings, a new chapter on connecting the dots between venture capital,
technology, and entrepreneurship, and new appendices on the Wisconsin
Alumni Research Foundation and the Medical College of Wisconsin Research

To order the $40 guide, go to http://www.northstareconomics.com or
call (608) 441-8060. Shipping is extra.