Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.: Milwaukee Attorneys Co-Authro Methods of Practice For Wisconsin Attorneys

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MILWAUKEE ‹ March 15, 2005‹More than 50 attorneys from Milwaukee and
surrounding communities have combined to produce a major legal resource that
will answer questions from other attorneys and legal experts about
procedures that arise daily in legal practice. Jay E. Grenig, a professor at
Marquette University Law School and Nathan A. Fishbach, a shareholder at
Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C., have co-authored the fourth edition of
³Wisconsin Methods of Practice², a four volume review of Wisconsin
substantive law published by Thomson West, a legal publishing company, in
partnership with the Milwaukee Bar Association.

In this newly updated resource authors Grenig and Fishbach provide guidance
to common questions about the practice of law in Wisconsin. Although the
book was first published over a half-century ago and written by just four
lawyers, Grenig and Fishbach were assisted in the latest edition by more
than 50 area attorneys with more than 900 years cumulative experience. This
is also the first time in the history of the MBA that it has partnered with
another group in producing such an extensive publication.

The four volume set provides practical advice to procedural issues in a
variety of practice areas including real property, wills, trusts and
estates, family law, organizing a small business, personal property,
debtor-creditor relations, litigation and administrative proceedings, and
tax considerations. The set also includes approximately 500 sample legal

³With each chapter written by individual authors who concentrate in the
particular area, we¹ve created a how-to guide for Wisconsin practitioners,²
said Fishbach. ³Wisconsin Methods of Practice² has been a tradition for over
a half century, and we are pleased to continue it with a new partnership
between the Milwaukee Bar Association and Thomson West.²

³The fourth edition of Wisconsin Methods of Practice is loaded with helpful
forms and thoughtful practice tips from over four dozen Wisconsin
attorneys,² added Grenig. It provides practitioners and judges with a
comprehensive and concise examination of important areas of practice in