WellPoint, Inc.: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin Foundation partners with American lung Association of Wisconsin to Increase Awareness of the Wisconsin Student Inhaler Law

Milwaukee, WI – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin Foundation, the
charitable giving arm of WellPoint, Inc. (NYSE: WLP) in Wisconsin,
is partnering with the American Lung Association of Wisconsin to
help increase awareness of a Wisconsin law among parents of children
with asthma.

Wisconsin Statute s.118.291 is a 1999 law that allows students with
asthma to possess and use metered dose and dry powder inhaled
medication at school with written permission from the
parent/guardian and the child’s physician. The American Lung
Association of Wisconsin received a $25,000 grant from the
Foundation to fund this initiative. A radio and direct mail
campaign is currently underway, designed to raise awareness of the

“This grant reflects our commitment to providing Wisconsin families
with information and resources about health issues that concern
them,” said Stuart K. Campbell, president of Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Wisconsin. “Students with asthma, particularly in emergency
situations, rely heavily on adult and peer assistance and support.
Increasing awareness about this law will help parents and schools
better deal with an asthma attack.”

Asthma is a life-threatening respiratory disease and an asthma
attack requires immediate treatment. The Wisconsin law was enacted
to allow students with asthma the right to carry their inhaled
medication in their locker or backpack, as well as use it to prevent
the onset of an attack or to alleviate asthma symptoms.

“Now is the time for parents to discuss the inhaler law with school
personnel,” said Janet McMahon, American Lung Association of
Wisconsin vice president of education and outreach. “Wisconsin
schools that have asthma inhaler policies contradictory to state law
are placing children with asthma at risk.”

McMahon suggests that parents familiarize themselves with the
inhaler law and develop an asthma action plan that involves the
parent/guardian, child, school personnel and the child’s primary
care provider. Parents should be organized and approach personnel
before the beginning of the school year.

Copies of Wisconsin Statute s.118.291 and a comprehensive student
inhaler law fact sheet can be obtained by contacting the American
Lung Association of Wisconsin at (800) LUNG-USA/(586-4872).

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