UWM: UWM and Health Solutions Partner for Change

Issued by: Justin A. Smith, 227-3153 or [email protected]


Milwaukee — The Madison Times reports that Wisconsin employers pay 20% more for health insurance plans than the national average for businesses with over 500 employees. This translates to billions of extra dollars spent on insuring the health of Wisconsin’s work force.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has partnered with Health Solutions Ltd. to help address the financial burden placed on employers providing health care benefits. “Until a different system of providing incentives in health care is embraced in America, employers will continue to shoulder this responsibility. This new partnership initiative is aimed at generating and promoting options for employers when it comes to effectively managing their health care costs,” said Gary Topp, Corporate Wellness Education program director for the UWM School of Continuing Education.

Health Solution’s programs address the demand side of the health care cost equation. The company offers proactive programming and services that complement a wide range of health plans. “Through health risk assessments, coaching, goal setting and supplying extensive health care information, Health Solutions raises employees’ awareness about living healthier lifestyles and making wiser consumption decisions. These elements are integrated with a traditional health insurance plan to provide increased benefits for the employee and a return on investment for the employer,” said Patrick Trotter, president of Health Solutions Ltd.

“Health Solutions offers a fresh approach to solving health care issues facing Wisconsin,” said Topp. “UWM is excited to begin the first of many partnerships that will help revolutionize employer sponsored healthcare.”
This new partnership extends the SCE’s expertise by giving the school access to Health Solution’s platform of tools and services that help reduce health risks and encourage better decision making. “The SCE will bring this expertise to our clients who are looking to restructure their corporate wellness programs,” said Topp.

Health Solutions believes the partnership with UWM will provide corporate clients with a quality instructional program that will showcase options to better fulfill a company’s health insurance needs. The importance of the partnership between UWM and Health Solutions is that the initiative approaches the health insurance issue from the perspective of the consumer. The Health Solutions platform is designed to increase return on investment for the employer by keeping the employees healthy.

According to the SCE, a healthy workforce can improve productivity by as much as 25%. In business, a 25% productivity increase gives the company the leverage to grow into new markets and in the long term provide more jobs. Less time off due to sickness pays off in terms of bolstered profit margins, as well as healthier employees.

To learn more contact Gary Topp at [email protected] or 227-3225 or Patrick Trotter at [email protected]