UW Madison: Demonstrations of Leading RFID Applications Featured at UW-Madison RFID Lab Inauguration

Nancy Gores (608) 265-3299, [email protected] wisc.edu


MADISON, WI – The University of Wisconsin-Madison RFID Lab Inauguration is open to the public Friday, August 12, 2005 and features hands-on demonstrations of emerging RFID applications in various industries. The event begins at 11:00 a.m. with luncheon guest speaker Patrick Sweeney, CEO ODIN Technologies and author of “RFID for Dummies.”

The UW RFID Lab is unique in the nation – it actively involves more than 40 leading companies from the UW RFID Industry Workgroup. Collaborative research conducted in the UW RFID Lab will help develop and transfer innovative and practical ideas to enhance competitiveness of Wisconsin businesses. The UW RFID Lab is also available to individual companies for sponsored company-specific projects.

The activities of the Lab will benefit several key Wisconsin industries such as packaging, printing, paper, plastics, transportation, distribution, manufacturing and healthcare for which RFID has strategic implications for economic development. Lab facilities include three stations: an RFID-enabled portal/dock-door test bed, a high-speed conveyor system test bed, and an antenna design and performance analysis station with an anechoic chamber.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification and sensing technology that transmits information about an object wirelessly using radio waves. It will supplement and may eventually replace bar code technology. As a result, business efficiencies will be created that fundamentally change the way products are tracked through the supply chain without requiring human interaction.

UW RFID Lab Founding Partners include: Autologik, Dorner Manufacturing, RedPrairie, and Rockwell Automation. Other generous contributors include Alien Technology, Appleton, ConnecTerra, Habasit, Holt Electric, Kraft, Lands’ End, Niceware, Panatrack, Richardson Electronics, SAMSys, Symbol Technologies, Weber Marking Systems, and Zebra.

The UW RFID Lab is subunit of the UW E-Business Consortium – Wisconsin’s leading organization that helps companies gain a competitive advantage through e-business.