U.S. Cellular: Wireless Access to E-mail is Easy From Most Standard Cell Phones


Many Wireless Customers Can Send or Receive E-Mail From Their Current Phone

MILWAUKEE, Wis., July 6, 2005 – Call it the “Myth of the PDA.” If a person wants access to business or personal e-mail from a cell phone, he or she needs to upgrade his or her wireless handset to a Personal Digital Assistant, commonly know as a PDA. The truth is most cell phones can easily be set-up to send and receive e-mails.

“Many people are under the impression that the only way to have e-mail access on a wireless phone is to spend a lot of money on the little blue phone,” said Lou Brazzoni, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in Wisconsin. “For businesspeople and others who want mobile e-mail, but are not ‘power users’ of the service, a better alternative is most likely is already on their cell phones.”

Brazzoni said mobile e-mail access is available on most handsets. Customers can have an e-mail address assigned to their phone, which lets them receive and send e-mail much the same way as text messaging. Another option is to use a data application – in this case, Soda-Pop Mail™ through U.S. Cellular’s easyedgeSM service. This provides connections to most Internet-based e-mail systems, including Hotmail®, MSN® and others. Soda-Pop Mail enables users to log into Internet-based “POP3” e-mail accounts from their wireless phones to read and send messages. Adding an e-mail address or Soda-Pop Mail to a phone each starts at less than $3 per month, in addition to the cost of wireless service.

“Every week, U.S. Cellular associates help thousands of customers discover this capability and find a plan to meet each customer’s needs,” said Brazzoni. “Customers can learn more about e-mail features, and how the technology works at our stores and on our Web site”

Customers receive an e-mail address that is their 10-digit phone number followed by “@email.uscc.net.” They can send short messages to any e-mail address from their handsets, or receive messages addressed specifically to their phones. Many handsets include tools to make entering e-mail messages faster. The “T9” option enters the most commonly used words after only a few letters. Users can store the e-mail addresses of business associates, family or friends in their contacts for quick access.

“An e-mail address assigned specifically to your cell phone is a great feature for people who do not want to receive tons of e-mail on their phone, but want to be able to send or receive important or urgent messages,” said Brazzoni. “Instead of getting all of their office e-mail, they can have work send them specific messages. Of course, they also can choose to forward all their office e-mail to their phone address if they are out of the office for an extended period.”

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